Tax deductions can be weird in the first place, because it’s all too common for people to “stretch the truth” about what they actually used for their business and what they are just claiming to reduce their tax bill.

This goes beyond the usual meals, vehicles and tools that are often deducted and ventures into the world of deer meat, body oil and cat food.

If that sounds weird to you, well that’s only because it is, but hey, if it works go for it.

You may even get some new ideas for things to deduct from your taxes this year or next.

Here are 12 bizarre tax deductions with the explanations…

What are the deductions? Here they are:

  1. Bariatric surgery
  2. Body oil
  3. Centenarian deduction
  4. Deer meat
  5. Cat food
  6. African safari
  7. Deadbeat debts
  8. Exceptional trees
  9. Bermuda trip
  10. Shaping up
  11. Animal decline
  12. Clarinet lessons

Now here is the explanation:

weird tax deductions

Infographic: TurboTax
Photo Credit: Gratisography