Marketing at an exhibition can bring new challenges. You will be promoting your business at an event which is attended almost solely by your target market, but you’ll be competing to win them over. It’s important to remember your competitors will be facing the same challenge and will be taking it seriously. Have you thought about how to make sure your potential customers choose you over your competitors?

Just because you face competition at exhibitions doesn’t mean you should be put off exhibiting at them. While standing out is going to prove challenging, it is achievable. If you do a show right, you could end up seeing your profits significantly increase, both in the short and long run. Usually, people only attend exhibitions because they tend to have an interest in your industry. If you can win them over, you could increase your customer base exponentially.

Winning Customers Over

To see your customer base grow as a result of an exhibition, you’re going to need to make sure attendees favour your business over your competitors’. You might be worried that being on a budget will hold you back. However, choosing the right exhibition stands through to expert customer service, you can make sure you win new customers no matter what your budget.

  • Choose the right stand – This is not as simple as you may think, though experienced companies will be more than happy to assist you in making the best choice. The price of stands can vary, so you’ll need to consider whether you intend to re-use them, if they need to be used outside etc.
  • Stand out with graphics –Your stand will display the graphics that will initially help to bring new customers to your stand. Expensive stands don’t necessarily look more impressive if the design is too convoluted and text heavy. Remember that your visuals are to spike potential customer’s interest, it’ll be up to you to win them over once they have decided to approach your stand.
  • Have products on hand – It might sound obvious, but people love to have a play with the products they may eventually purchase. Make sure staff have plenty of information to offer, but don’t go straight for the hard sale. Let people know that you’re a successful business and that’s why they should choose you.
  • Be overly outgoing  You don’t want to come off as annoying, but go out of your way to greet everyone who walks by, and try to start conversations.  Sometimes just being more personable than the other people can win you new customers.  Go above and beyond to talk to everyone you can.

On a final note, it is key to make sure that you stick to your company branding when designing your stand. Using the colours, typography and graphics that are associated with your company will give you a head start with standing out from your competitors. After all, no one can take away your unique brand identity.