Everyone has, at some point in their working career, had the thought that it would be better to be their own boss.

Being an entrepreneur has its perks! Most often you do get to choose where you work, set your own schedule, choose who you work with, do something you truly love and create change in the job market.

It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is, what is important is the self-satisfaction you get from building a career on your terms. Many people, like Danny DeMichele, take the plunge and go for their dreams.

We hope to inspire you to take control of your life and achieve your goals!

Who is in Charge?

If you are unhappy with your career, unhappy dealing with the people you work with, dread going to work, or look forward to clocking out for the day as soon as you get to work, it’s time to think long and hard about who oversees your happiness at the job.

Perhaps it’s something as simple as you don’t enjoy the actual work you do. Or it can be more complicated as the office politics gets in the way of anyone accomplishing their goals and making work life pleasant.

Regardless, you are in charge of your happiness and if your job is not fulfilling you, you should consider a change.

This may be the push you need to make the leap into entrepreneurship.

What Will You Do?

Of course, we can’t answer this question with a clear answer. It all depends on what you want to do.

Are you a handy person who wants to spend their day fixing leaky pipes? Or maybe you love digital marketing?

Perhaps you want to spend your days writing financial articles or maybe you want to take your current position and continue it on your own? Regardless of what it is you want to do, be clear of what you want to do. If you are confused or unsure, you won’t be able to find the successes as quickly.

I’m Scared

Quitting a job to build your own company can be a scary endeavor. We often worry about how bills will be paid and what happens if you fail. Rather than worry yourself to death, do the following:

  • Write down what it is you want to do
  • Write a plan on how to make it happen (include when you will leave the current job)
  • Write down who you will service and how to attract them
  • Write down if you need funding and how you will get it

While it sounds like a business plan, it’s not. It is a clear-cut way for you to see if you are ready for the change. When writing, this down, you should be getting excited about how it will all come together. It’s a true sign that you are ready to move forward to a life on your terms!

The Business Plan

Once you know that you are going to move forward with your plan, it’s time to look at your business plan.

Doesn’t matter how small you start out at, your business plan will reflect your goals and keep you motivated over the growth of your business. If you have a business partner, now is the time to talk about a co-founder agreement. Partners aside, your business plan should contain the following:

  • Executive Summary – a snapshot of your business and touches on your goals
  • Company description – what you do, how you are different, who your market is
  • Market Analysis – your business and how it will fare in your industry and against competitors
  • Organization & Management – who is leading your company and management styles
  • Service/Product Line – what you sell, how it benefits customers, and the life-cycle
  • Marketing & Sales – how you plan to market the business and what your sales strategy is
  • Funding Request – if necessary, outline what kind of money you need now and over time. Also, include how that money will be used

Who Supports You?

As you work your dreams and work through your business plan, you need to look at who your network is. It’s important to connect with vendors, consumers, and even your competitors to gain a good following for business. Utilize social media such as:

  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • Snapchat
  • LinkedIn

Having an online presence in several social media outlets and your own website is vital to leading you to a successful career. Without these, how can people find you with questions and inquiries? Word of mouth is great if you are working your business while working for another corporation, but once you step out on your own it’s important that you become the face of your business.

With these steps, the important thing to remember is why you decided to be an entrepreneur. Whether it’s because you want more freedom to work on your terms, have more time with family, or do what you love, never forget that motivation to embrace entrepreneurship. There will be ups and downs but if you really desire a new life, you will obtain it!