Living life without setting goals is pointless.

Goal setting gives our lives a sense of direction to travel. It adds a meaning to our living and inspires us to achieve something in our lives to make it purposeful. There are many who are keen for setting goals, but in reality, only a few people can achieve the goals they set for themselves. This is because of the goal setting obstacles that prevent them in the path of progress towards the goals.

A path without obstacles is not possible, and therefore, one needs to know how to maneuver them to be consistent in their progress and reach the destination. The following is the list of the common goal setting obstacles and how you can maneuver them. Only those who do not get hindered by the obstacles are the ones who make it big in life.

1. Overconfidence

In goal setting, overconfidence is determined by the validation of the goals one has set for him. There is nothing wrong in dreaming big and setting exceptional goals to achieve. But while setting and strategizing them, you should not be too overconfidence to consider your effort and time investment to make them successful. It is only midway through that overconfident people realize that they have set too high goals for them and they could never dedicate enough time and effort to make them a reality.

Therefore, one needs to form a powerful yet realistic strategy taking into consideration the magnitude of effort and the amount of time one can invest. Besides, a person needs to continuously revision the strategy as per the conditions faced in the journey of reaching the goals.

2. Demotivation

Goal setting is the first step, and it is all about planning and strategizing to prepare a complete roadmap to reach the destination. But when you get started with the journey, you will come across a lot of things that you could never imagine. One of such unexpected thing is the failures. Those who can fight the failures can continue and reach the destination. There are many who get demotivated even at the small failures and panic as they could not see it coming.

The momentum of the journey either slows down or gets killed completely. Failures are like checkpoints in the road where you get to introspect and review your plans and strategies and rework on them before continuing as before. The path of success will never be memorable without failure and failures test a person’s character. Therefore, be ready for failures and be strong to bounce back.

3. Lack Of Tracking

There are so many things that go on in our lives that amidst all the chaos and confusion, our progress can get hindered unknowingly. Therefore, one needs to be conscious of where they are and where they are supposed to be as per the timeline of the plan during goal setting. One needs to be dedicated and determined that they should progress in their journey towards the goals regularly irrespective of everything else going on in their lives.

4. Lack Of Milestones

Tracking your progress becomes easy when you create milestones. Milestones are nothing but smaller goals which together make the big goal you want to achieve. It is absolutely necessary to plan milestones during goal setting because the big goal may seem to be too overwhelming to even try and achieve. Creating milestones is an approach to break the big goals into small goals, and after achieving each of the milestones you set, you can track your progress with the timeframe and feel encouraged to go for the next one. Milestones give you the psychological advantage in comparison to a big goal and therefore, you will get motivated to achieve them one by one.

5. Toxic Environment

To achieve something big, you need to get the surrounding environment conducive. You cannot dream big in an environment where people are easily satisfied with whatever they get. Those are the people who will pull you down and break your courage to dream big. You need to surround yourself with ambitious people who are not afraid of setting big goals. However, those people should not be overconfident but logical in their approach. They will motivate you to do better than you expected from you and that is how you can progress towards your goal faster and smoothly. So, get rid of the negative people or grow a thick skin so that their opinions do not divert you from your path of glory.

6. Lack Of Guidance

Since we are walking on the path towards our life goals for the first time, there will be a lot of situations where you will get lost and hit a lot of blind spots. This is exactly why having a proper guidance from the professional coaches can make your journey smooth and help you achieve the goals faster. You can verify your roadmap and strategies from them so that no point is missed out and you can get to know the common goal setting obstacles and their remedy beforehand.

7. Over-Satisfaction & Complacency

When a person achieves the first few milestones smoothly, a sense of over-satisfaction or complacency grows from inside. This leads to taking things casually, and the effect is noticeable in form of slow momentum. The hunger slowly dies down, and they may have to settle for the next alternative to their goals. Therefore, one needs to be hungry and driven and have the same energy level to achieve the subsequent milestones one by one until the ultimate goal is reached.

Go ahead and set the goals that you dream yourself reaching. Plan it out in details and make effective strategies for every milestone. Be ready for the obstacles and failures. Surround yourself with the right people and self-motivate yourself. Get a professional coach to guide you throughout the journey to make the journey easy and smooth!!!Every human deserves to set and achieve massive goals and the points above definitely can act like a catalyst for the same.

About the Author:
Harrish Sairaman is a well-known motivational teacher in India, helping many to achieve which once seemed unachievable like increase motivation, leadership, Corporate Performance, decrease stress etc. through Leadership training programs , Corporate training , Entrepreneur Coaching and Individual Coaching to name a few.