If you’re in debt, it’s easy to feel helpless and alone. In fact, though, you’re far from it- the average American has about $38,000 in personal debt, and that doesn’t even include debt from home mortgages. This can be stressful and difficult to figure out, especially when money’s tight and you have so many negative numbers to add up that you don’t even know where to begin.

Luckily, there are a lot of types of debt that you can consolidate to make payments easier on yourself. Here, we’re going to identify these debts so that you can make the process of paying off bills and loans as painless and smooth as possible. Read on to learn the difference between debts that can be consolidated and those that can’t.

Unsecured Debt (vs Secured Debt)

Generally, there are two main types of debt: secured and unsecured. Secured debt refers to those that are legally tied to an asset, such as a home or a car, that can be repossessed if you don’t pay the debt back in a timely manner. If you default on these loans, the creditor has the right to take the property and sell it as a means of getting the money to pay back the debt.

Secured debt can’t be consolidated with the exception of very few, very specific situations. Don’t expect to be able to consolidate it.

On the other hand, unsecured debt is based solely on your promise to pay it back. While it isn’t quite just an honor system- you can be fined, sued, and otherwise penalized if you don’t pay the debt- there are no assets that the creditor has the right to confiscate and sell. 

Unsecured debt is what can be consolidated.

Common Types of Unsecured Debt

The most common type of unsecured debt is credit card debt. If you have any of this, you can consolidate it with your other unsecured debt. This includes medical bills, which is good news if you have a sickness or injury that needs immediate care.

Loans (with the exception of property loans) are also usually unsecured. This includes student loans, personal loans and lines of credit, and business loans. Almost everyone has taken out some kind of loan before, so this probably applies to your situation.

If you’re stressed about any of these debts, you can use debthunch to consolidate them as easily as possible. This stress-free system allows you to enter your debts and get an offer for consolidation that won’t affect your credit score no matter what!

How Many Types of Debt Can Be Consolidated?

While there are many types of debt that can be consolidated, the bottom line is to look into whether the said debt is secured or unsecured. If it’s the latter, you’re probably good to start consolidating it.

Now that you know about the types of debt that can be consolidated, check out the ‘money’ tab on our home page. Here, you’ll get more tips for dealing with debt in an effective and efficient manner.

Good luck!