Note: This article explains the benefits of prepaid credit cards, but all cards are not created equally. Always do your research before getting any credit card.

If you’ve ever wondered why so many people use prepaid cards instead of their personal credit or debit cards, there are many reasons.

In fact, prepaid cards are so popular that you can now purchase them at numerous locations all over the world.

Stores and gas stations offer them for people who are traveling and on the road, making it even easier to have money available without having it linked up to your main money accounts.

If you are interested in prepaid cards, here are a three reasons you should consider getting one…

  1. You can use your prepaid card with no fees anywhere that you could use your debit or credit card. The difference? When you use a prepaid card, you aren’t jeopardizing someone else coming in and stealing your information to hack into your other accounts. When you use a debit or credit card, each and every time that you swipe or make a payment, you are taking the chance that someone else could be hacking into your account to have access to all of your money.
  2. There is no downside to using a prepaid card. There are no extra fees associated with using a prepaid card, and it’s secure. Many people tend to think that there are percentages that aren’t charged each and every time a prepaid card is used, but it isn’t accurate. Prepaid cards are just that. You’ve chosen a select amount to have on a card, and you can use that card until you’ve reached that limit. It’s seriously as simple as that. Once you’ve spent the amount on your prepaid card, you can reload and start all over again.
  3. Prepaid cards help you budget your money better. The great part about a prepaid card? You can’t go over your limit or spend more than what you have loaded on the card. Literally, when the money is gone, it’s gone. If you’ve had a bit of trouble with spending in the past, having a prepaid card can absolutely help with that. The impulse purchases of the big TV? Won’t happen with a prepaid card unless it fits within the amount of money that you’ve loaded up. It’s a safe way to stay within and help balance your budget!

Using a prepaid card is a great option for so many different reasons.

It takes away the worry about someone stealing your information and your money, and it helps you to stay within your budget. The more controlled that you can become over your money, the better.

By using a prepaid card, you can easily get your finances back in order. Just set your monthly budget that you want to spend each month on your card, and you’ve created a way that you absolutely cannot go over budget.

Why not use your prepaid card for good to help build up you and your credit score? The sooner that you can track your spending, the better money outcome you will have!