There are many tools to help your find the perfect credit card.

Some of those tools cost money, this one is free, but there are other free tools like this.

So, what makes it so special?

It’s more than just a tool, it’s a goldmine of resources on finding credit cards, improving your credit, fixing mistakes on your credit report and ultimately helping your get the best credit score possible.

So let’s dive in…

On First Glance

The first time I went to Credit Card Insider, I noticed that they featured several of my favorite cards on the front page, including my overall favorite card right now, the Discover It (you can get $50 for signing up through this link).

I also noticed all the valuable resources to educate yourself on credit and credit cards.

It really is a goldmine.

Here’s quick breakdown of their main features:

  • Find a Card: This is their main feature. You can search by type, issuer or credit score. Right now you can compare over 200 different credit cards based on your needs. Search for business, student, travel, reward, prepaid and secure cards from all the major credit card companies.
  • Card Basics: Learn the basics of credit cards. Everything from how credit cards work to loyalty programs to the interest & fees of credit cards. It’s great for beginners, but it’s also good to look over for experienced credit card users. You may have missed something in the past.
  • Scores & Reports: Learn about how credit scores and reports work. Learn how to correct any errors on your credit report. Learn about popular credit myths and actual facts about credit cards that you may not know. This is a great resource for learning everything you can about credit cards to protect yourself and stay informed.
  • Improving Credit: Improving credit starts with understanding how to get out of revolving debt and avoid it in the future. They have great information for doing exactly that, as well as protecting yourself against fraud and identity theft.

Credit Card Insider Review

They also offer several free guides, including:

Finding Your Perfect Credit Card

The search feature is highly detailed. It allows you to filter by credit score, lifestyle, features, issuer and type.

Here’s a screenshot of the search tool:

Credit Card Insider Review

It’s easy to use. Go try it out here.

On top of all the other information they provide, they also have a blog with great articles on credit, credit cards and all things related.

There’s no reason for me to say much more. It’s worth trying. It’s free. Go find your card today.

You don’t even have to sign up.

Credit Card Insider Rating
  • Credit Card Insider


I give Credit Card Insider 5 stars, because it’s completely free to use, it’s extremely easy and they offer a wide range of over 200 cards to choose from.

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