There is no need to explain that there are no people who managed to become professional writers in one day.

Every famous writer started with fails and was criticized for improper word selection or inadequate presentation of the idea.

It is very important to brush up writing skills daily and never to give up.

Start with Elementary Issues

It is impossible to drive a plane without required knowledge and practicing. Each occupation demands persistent work and strong wish to achieve the desired results.

  1. Try to make each sentence to strike everyone with its sense and writing beauty. Take care of word selection and the way each word combination sounds.
  2. Try not just to describe but to involve the reader into the conversation. If the style allows, you could ask questions. Everyone who reads your story should feel that you respect him or her and take into consideration their presence.
  3. Investigate your vocabulary. Try to enlarge a number of spicy words to make your speech tasty. Get rid of sharp words which make your speech sound nasty and tasteless.
  4. Teach how to avoid abrupt endings between sentences and paragraphs. Everything should be smooth and irritate neither eye nor ear.
  5. Let it be dynamic. You could play with punctuation rules and voice changing.
  6. Experiment with the most popular means of speech (epithets, comparison, allegory, hyperbole, litotes, metaphor,  metonymy, irony, refrains, rhetorical figures, antithesis, alliteration, inversion, gradation, invective, eulogy, symbols, oxymoron, parallelism)
  7. Practice with the creation of your personal neologisms which will catch readers’ attention and occupy their mind.
  8. Think of unusual metaphors and epithets you can provide your audience with.
  9. Start with mini-stories to see if you are ready to write more.

The core idea of all this is to practice regularly. A beginner can burn a meat dish or undercook it. A master knows when it is time to stop and preserve softness and juiciness of the dish and not to spoil its taste.

You can find presentation templates online to help you with an outline.

Develop Habitual Writing

You’d better forget about all possible excuses as there is no time to write or I can do it later. Writing resembles a plant that needs constant care. It will not be able to survive without water, sun, air, and enough space. Your practicing is like a nourished soil for flora. There are several tips which could help you develop a habit to write and find no excuses.

  • Choose time measures for your writing. You might spend, for example, 25-30 minutes daily. It does not matter whether you will spend 25 minutes on writing in the morning or in the evening. The main thing is to do it daily.
  • Experts promise better results if the person creates at one and the same time. Still, living conditions can deprive us of that possibility. If you can plan and work your plan out, do it.
  • Think of the steps you should take. For instance, first, there must be an outline, second, choice of style, ways of idea presentation, writing, editing, and proofreading.
  • Proofread slowly in order not to forget about some details, improve the sounding, and correct possible mistakes.
  • Vary your style and try to apply different genres and explore interesting topics.

Let It Be Unique

There writers whose papers one can recognize with the first sentence or even title. Your written speech should also reflect your individual style and taste. Things should not sound like “It is a pen”. That is too simple and nobody would enjoy it. Imagine that there are cooks who are to prepare some lenten dish for a special guest. There are a few people who prefer lenten dishes because they do not contain meat, milk, eggs, and very often fish, grease, or other products produced by animals. Such a task is a real challenge for a cook.

Writing is the same. One should not just write but satisfy wishes of millions. Mediocre papers drag your time to hell. It often happens that one can accomplish reading a novel faster than some short story due to writing easiness, captivating plot and mesmerizing presentation.

  • Headlines. One should study articles which belong to TOP ones due to their striking names. Learn how professionals do that.
  • Picking up words. Explore news reports and reviews of literature and movies to see what grabs you.
  • Comparison. Enlarge your library. Read books for various age groups to see how writers explain complicated things to children and how professionals turn simple ideas into global problems in books for “chosen” (for example, futurists believed that only chosen readers were capable to understand their poetry).
  • Convincing. Your core assignment is to make everyone trust your words. Make them sound realistic even if you are writing a science fiction story. If it is a brilliant comedy people will laugh. If it is an impressive drama people will sympathize and cry.
  • Empathy. A journalist travels to explore the world and be ready to publish the received experience in a book or an article. A reader trusts only those who have enough talent to describe a problem, culture, traditions, and beliefs appropriately. You are to let the idea go through you. If you have never felt cold you would never be able to picture that feeling.

Sometimes it is necessary to involve experts who will agree to check your works and point to mistakes. This can be a writing expert or even representatives of your target audience. If they adore a story and believe each word everyone will appreciate it as well. If you need instant help from academic experts, you can address a custom speech writing service which will prepare an original and high-quality paper from scratch.