The fast-paced world of today forces people to multitask regardless of their age, job, sex, and location.

Every social group has its duties and responsibilities: students have to attend classes and turn in assignments, working people have to somehow spend eight hours in the office and then deal with house chords, housewives are obliged to keep the house clean, cook, and look after children.

However, being busy does not mean you have to be constantly tired or stressed out. In order to avoid being overwhelmed by a heap of unfinished duties, we have prepared a habit list, which is designed to enable you to manage more during the day.

Habit #1: Cross Things Out

This habit is the simplest and most effective out of all the other types of habits successful people have. Setting up priorities is a key to be productive. Anyone who wants to manage more must stop planning a lot of things to do for the day. If you are used to writing long to-do lists, then learn how to shorten them.

In the beginning, it will be difficult for you to do this. Therefore, you should write whatever you want to do to be confident that nothing important is missed. Then, look through your list, boldly crossing out as many points as possible. Try to play a little game – can you cut the list so that it becomes half as short while also having the most important things you need to do?

However, that is not all. When you finish the list, put it aside for a while. And then go back to it and double-check whether it’s possible to exclude anything else.

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Habit #2: Focus on One Goal at a Time

The second habit we suggest you develop implicitly relates to the first one. However, it comes under the setting of long-term goals. Beyond question, we all plan to achieve certain things in future – get a degree, become promoted to a higher position, pay student’s loan, buy a house, have a baby, etc. Being ambitious is great, but have you ever wondered why people who want so much frequently leave themselves in same life conditions (same job/apartment/wage/marital status, etc.) for years? The answer to this question is simpler than you could have thought: having many intentions at once results in achieving none of them.

Instead of dreaming of multiple great things you might (or might not) having in future, starts working towards a single objective of yours right now. For example, if you are willing to lose weight and get a promotion at your job, pick one of these priorities and spend the rest of the year on it solely. Go to the gym and work out as hard as you can instead of working overtime in the office. Or vice versa: if career advancement is more important to you in comparison with getting fit, stop torturing yourself with diets and feeling guilty about having missed another gym session because of the job duties. Good habits are all about being focused!

Such an approach will provide you with the ability to manage more during the day while completing the most pressing tasks. In addition, you will not have to procrastinate (procrastination is among the worst bad habits), which is an enormous advantage.

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Habit #3: Combine the Trifle and Routine

The ability to properly organize your processes helps greatly elevate the implementation of things. Thus, you will have time to do more. It is especially important to organize different trifles. First, you should ask yourself: how frequently are you distracted by all sorts of irritants and petty tasks?

The simplest example is checking your email. Modern mail services are configured so that they automatically deliver messages to you on the computer and immediately notify you about it. The problem with that is that you might be involved in completing a certain task and such a notification can grab your attention.

Similarly, you might get distracted by all sorts of messengers (texts, Skype, phone calls, etc.). However, our brain takes time to switch from one task to another. If you get distracted, you lose time, which is something that you want to avoid. Therefore, we recommend you calculate how much time you lose in vain so that you minimize your downtime.

The easiest way to save time is to collect all small businesses in one period and deal with them at a given period only. It is also a good idea to start checking your mail in the afternoon and evening only.

In conclusion, we would like to say that being able to do more is a great habit, which will come in handy to you both in your personal life and at work. Now, you are informed on how to be successful and achieve more without overwhelming yourself. Stay efficient!