Earning a college education is an expensive task. Individuals interested in earning some type of education are continuously looking for other ways to take courses at a cheaper rate or even for free.

Universities are becoming aware of this information and are adding free online academic courses more and more to their catalogs. Although these free online courses do not usually count for credit, they are still great components to help students earn knowledge and skills about a certain subject. In addition, free online courses can be added to an individual’s resume to show their capabilities in a certain area of study.

If anyone is interested in taking a step forward and achieving success, they should be able to start with free online courses. By having access to free online courses, everyone can begin their educational journey at a low cost or no cost.

There are several exceptional colleges across the United States offering free online courses to students and individuals interested in taking advantage of online learning for free. We will take a closer look at five of the universities that are currently offering free online courses.

1. Harvard University

Harvard University is one of the finest universities offering free online courses. It is a very well-known, respected university. Earning an education from Harvard University gives students an honorable reputation, and even mentioning taking one course at this university carries the same reputation. Harvard University offers convenience tools to benefit students taking its free courses, such as YouTube and iTunes. 

Students will only be required to purchase their textbooks needed for the free courses. This college has worked hard to make sure that the free online courses being offered provide students with the same experience and knowledge that they would get in an on campus paid course.

Harvard University is a great option for anyone looking to take free courses to add to their experience because it is a school committed to creating leaders in various subjects that can benefit society in a positive way.

2. John Hopkins University

John Hopkins University offers a few free online courses to those interested in gaining knowledge and skills in a particular area. An example of one of the popular free online courses is Social Medicine Issues.

This school does not provide any help or communication from any professors in the free courses; the only guidance provided is further reading to navigate the answers needed and workbooks to give more practice and support to learn how to do the problems. However, the further reading options and workbooks are not included with the course. 

The student must buy the books or get them from another source. John Hopkins University is a widely known, historical university recognized for its dedication to research. This is a highly ranked school for students to choose to take advantage of for free online course options to expand their skills for their professional life.

3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) is an established, highly rated college when it comes to providing online education. MIT has been extremely devoted to helping its students succeed in an online environment by using beneficial tools such as OpenCourseWare.

Additionally, all the school’s courses are available to the public for convenience. Each student is able to download any course and easily access it to begin their learning experience. 

Massachusetts Institute of Technology does encourage individuals who have reaped the benefits from using its free online courses to submit a donation. The donations will help MIT be able to create more free online courses for people to gain essential knowledge and experience from.

4. Stanford University

Stanford University is one of the most reputable universities in the United States known for its outstanding research and teaching. When it comes to Stanford’s free online course options, there are an abundance of courses for students to choose from. This university offers individuals the same learning courses available to access for free that students take that are paying tuition.

The only difference is the individual will not receive credit for the course they have taken and passed unless they pay for the course. It is important to note that some courses offer exceptions for free online courses and will provide the student with course credit. Regardless, the free online course can still be used on a resume once completed as long as an individual does not need to show any credit or certification proof for the course.

5. Yale University

Yale University is a preeminent university that has become a leader in the education system. This university is known to offer several phenomenal online education choices to its students that matches its quality of on campus courses.

Students from all over the world are taking advantage of Yale University’s free online courses, and they are able to easily retrieve them through YouTube and iTunes whether on the go or in the comfort of their homes. 

Each course features video recordings of Yale University professors teaching the learning objectives in the classroom on the college campus. This college is a historical college that has been around for a long time and is committed to providing knowledge to individuals around the world.

Yale’s goal for free online courses is to help individuals interested in learning and gaining knowledge to be able to do so without spending excessive amounts of funds.