Do students really need to work? Do they need that extra income? The answer is pretty obvious. The feeling of independence is something that resonates in the minds of most kids in college. Knowing you don’t need your mom to keep sending you monthly allowances is a great thing. This is where a working career comes in. Having a balance is what it takes to be successful in anything in life. There are a whole bunch of kids who are unable to get by with the little they have. Their parents may also not be buoyant enough to provide. This is why work is important in college.

Basically, the whole idea of working while in college is not to stress you out, but a very reliable way for you to make extra cash while in school. I agree that it might be a little hard with the busy life of the university, but it’s worth it. Many students have become quite independent through this means. For some, it has opened the door to a full time paying job opportunity. There are also part-time jobs which can be done during your free time. Rather than sitting around during free periods, why not pick up some part-time work and gain some work experience which would boost your resume and get paid while doing it. It’s a win-win situation.

As a college student, you stand to gain a great deal from working while at the university. You’d be able to make money, plan your budget, manage your time, plan better for your future, keep busy and gain numerous transferable skills. That being said, a lot of students feel that the pressure would be a lot. The truth is if it’s that important to get a part-time job, you’ll definitely streamline your activities towards it. Employers are also aware of the rigors of college, that’s why they permit shifts at flexible hours.

How to Choose the Right Part-Time Job

Now, the question is, where different kind of jobs are there, which jobs are right for you? Choosing the right part-time job makes everything a whole lot easier. However, when scouting for these jobs, there are some factors you must consider. The location of the job is very paramount because it influences your accessibility to the job. It’s always better to take up jobs close to campus. You must also make sure that your schedule would be able to create time for working. Asides that, knowing whether you’re working for passion or for pay helps you select properly. If this job is relevant to your career goals, it’s a plus. With these factors in mind, choosing the right job wouldn’t be that difficult.

There are so many cool places you can work. Job categories include; local business jobs, food service jobs (which is usually common for college students), start-up or office jobs, work-study jobs (also very common) and sharing economy jobs. These are just categorical headings for those little jobs, and we’ll get into the right away.

Areas to look out for when searching for a job

The two common areas that fit into university life are food service jobs and work-study jobs.

1. Foodservice jobs

A majority of college kids tend to work in restaurants, bars, coffee shops, or food shops because this sort of job allows flexibility. Based on your schedule, you can always pick a shift that works well with you. Serving food at a restaurant can be hectic because you’d be on your feet most of the time, but the bonus side is that it’s easy for you to get tips and make more money. Asides are serving food, you could also work as a cashier. The importance of such jobs is that they give you some stability.

2. Work-Study Jobs

Work-study jobs, on the other hand, are usually on-campus jobs. You don’t necessarily have to go outside of school to work. These sorts of jobs are very good for introverts who aren’t really fans of going out that much. It’s also a great way to make more friends and meet new people you never knew attended the same college. Picking up a position as a library assistant offers a relatively high pay. And it also gives you ample time to study and do some homework. For science lovers, a position as a research assistant can give the necessary experience and exposure you need. In dorms, being a resident advisor is one sure way to avoid paying for accommodation or boarding fees. It provides an avenue for you to meet people and make an impact. Working as a cafeteria worker, campus tour guide and dorm receptionist are other work-study jobs. You could also work with a professional dissertation writing service company.

3. Start-up or Office Jobs

Start-up or Office jobs provide you with experience and good pay all at once. With the era of technology, more and more generations are tech savvy. Instead of whiling away time on Instagram or snapchat pointlessly, you can take up a Social media manager position. You’d be able to gain insight into a lot of skills. You could also intern as a marketing and sales’ personnel. This definitely boosts your resume, but the pay isn’t so much. Blogging and Graphic design intern positions also help you to gain valuable experience. With experience, you stand a chance of getting a good paying job in the future.

4. Freelancing

Having this in mind, there are many talented kids in college wondering where they could put these talents to good use. For aspiring and creative minds, working as a freelancer can earn you extra income just for doing what you are good at. It provides ample time for you to balance school work and also take up projects that can fit into your schedule. Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork are the marketplace for all kinds of freelance work you can think of. Freelancer is also another upcoming platform. Payment is always guaranteed as a freelancer.

Finding a job that suits you is very important because you wouldn’t want any area of your academics to slack. Hence, it’s always good to take into consideration a lot of factors.

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