College life can be extremely challenging from the financial standpoint, especially if you had to take out a student loan to afford your chosen education. With return payments and the costs of living day to day, job hunting becomes a must for many students. However, with classes and all, even part-timing can seem impossibly sometimes. So today we bring you a few handy ideas on how to earn some money in college without having to waste time and nerves on commuting.

Become a Freelance Writer

This line of work has been steadily booming among the college students’ population, because it is arguably the most accessible student-friendly career path out there, even if you only want to do it temporarily.

If you decide to pursue this gateway into the workforce, your biggest boon will be multilingualism. Even if you only speak two languages, it gives you a considerable edge. Because English is the lingua franca of the twenty first century, the sheer number of people who offer writing services in English has skyrocketed over the recent years.

What this means for you is, no matter how well you write, you will automatically be less competitive in any niche. Instead, look for writing gigs in your second or third language. The less commonly spoken it is, the more valuable your ability becomes.

Also, keep in mind that “niche” can take on a whole different meaning in freelance writing. Rather than a category of topics, like pet care or travel news, it is increasingly denoting a particular skill – for example, academic writing, copywriting, SEO-centered writing, literary editing, and so on. So be very careful when someone asks you what “niche” you want to write in.

Earn Money College Student

Become a Blogger

This is related to the previous idea, but more aimed towards people who would rather be their own bosses than bother with somebody else’s tasks. If you enjoy writing and want to make cash form it but are not too keen on fulfilling random strangers’ orders, try starting a blog of your own.

Blogging is regarded as passive income, meaning that the earnings come without you doing much once your content is live. Revenue is typically generated form advertisements, when people come onto your pages to read your blogs, so the more visitors you get the more money that will earn you. Check out this useful guide for some tips on how to start making money from your blog.

You can also use your blogging to make money via affiliate marketing. Choose a product or service that you would like to support and post links to their websites on your won pages. Whenever someone visits these vendors via your links and makes a purchase with them, you get a percentage of the income for having “mediated” a new customer for them.

Start Your Own Dropshipping Business

This is a little bit ironically made, because you never actually drop off anything, you are not the one doing the shipping. The idea is that you serve a s a salesperson for some product or service offered by a third party. When you successfully make a sale of that service or product, the actual provider ships it over to the end customer directly.

Earn Money College From Home

Your profit here is a matter of basic arithmetic: the original provider, aka drop shipper, will charge you something for what they do. On the other hand, you will charge the end customer something for the thing that you are selling. Deduct the one from the other and that will be the amount of money you get from each venture.

Proofread for Profit

If you feel like you would not really make a good writer, why not capitalize on other people’s orthographic hiccups? Even the most perfectionist fellow in your cohort is bound to occasionally mess up their grammar, spelling, or punctuation, especially if they had been pulling all-nighters. Just consider the still controversial Oxford comma. Even worse, if you happen to deal with international literature, consider the evil phenomenon of the Crnjanski/ Tserniansky comma!

The point is, even if people write just fine, they will always be too paranoid to skip a proper check, and you can get them to pay you for it. There is no need to worry that automatic spellcheckers will leave you out of a job, either, because they are still nowhere near as good as we need them to be, and human eyes are still indispensable.

Take Up Transcription

Unlike freelance writing, this kind of work would be best done in your mother tongue (with the obvious exception of bilingual people). As long as you type fast enough, you can earn some pretty decent wages this way, and you are free to set your own rates for different kinds of work. Transcribing is charged by the hour, since various content would obviously require varying amounts of time to process.

Transcribing is essentially just writing down whatever you hear, but as to what exactly that audio content might be, that would depend heavily on your clients and whatever trends affect their line of business. There are more ideas here, but you can always just…

Most likely, you would get all kinds of topics thrown at you, therefore you need to have insanely broad general vocabulary, very good comprehension of culture-specific or industry-specific words and expressions, and above all, exceptional skill in active listening.

Become an Online Tutor

Okay, very few college students want to go on and become formal educators, but this is a good way to snag some cash on the side, and choice #1 for many people due to its convenience.

Online tutoring can be charged by hour or by session and is fairly flexible: you can teach individuals or groups, real-time or sequentially, and range your communication from IM, through calls, to proper video chat.

Simply pick a subject you excel in, set yourself up on Skype or a similar platform, and start charging people for explanations.