The future of careers is in freelancing. Most employers consider employing people to do a job, pay them, and then release them. After finishing a project, the freelancer does not have any other commitments.

Being a freelancer comes with different benefits. For instance, you can use a freelancing career to build a company. Moreover, it gives you the freedom to work without constant monitoring. As in, you can come up with your own working schedules.

The UAE government is encouraging freelancers to move into the country. It will help toward growing different industries and having enough brains to handle the everyday economic needs needed in Dubai.

Getting a Freelance Visa in Dubai is easy. Here is how.

Start by ensuring that you are equipped enough

Being equipped does not have to do with money. Freelancing is more than that because most people start with almost nothing. All you need is a lot of resilience since it is a business like any other.

Other than that, as a freelancer, you have to pick a niche. Then, after that, ensure that you have enough skill set to ensure that you give your clients the best services. Excellent services will help you sell yourself.

Most people who become freelancers have skills related to media and the education niche.

Here is what you need to get the visa

The two most important documents you will require for this process include a residency visa and a work permit. Initially, people used to get them in free zones. However, now, people can use an online portal known as “gofreelance.”

Once you log in to this site, you will need DHS 7500, which is cheap compared to the previous price. A lower price was a strategy that the government used to get more people to come in and work in Dubai. It also allows the freelancer to sponsor their family members.

When applying, ensure that you have your CV, a copy of your VISA, a bank reference letter, portfolio, relevant certificates, and a passport.

For people who came to Dubai under a spouse or parent visa (otherwise known as the sponsor), you do not need to go through the process. You can go straight to getting a Tecom permit. Nevertheless, the authorities will require that you submit a no-objection letter. If they do not agree, you might have to start the process anew.

If the process is overwhelming for you

Some people might not be comfortable going through this process even though it is simple. Hence, you can ask for help. There are specific services that can help you set up your business as well as get a Dubai freelance visa.

Other than that, these companies can also assist in acquiring a free zone license, which you will require before transacting any business.

Final remarks

After finishing the application through the site, you should get an email notification notifying you that the permit is ready. Before you get it, ensure that you are patient while going through the process.

Being a successful freelancer takes time. Therefore, ensure that you remain motivated at all times, and you have a passion for whatever you are doing. Otherwise, you will end up getting frustrated if you do not possess the right kind of motivation.