Learning a new skill or taking up a new course can help you further your career. It is no secret that personal development can help you earn a promotion or even get you a more exciting job in a different industry. Unfortunately, education is expensive and is out of reach of many people.

But did you know that there are other ways of learning new skills without going through the traditional education system? The following are career resources and tools you can take advantage of to advance your career at little or no cost.

1. MOOCs

 Massive open online courses are a relatively new method of disseminating knowledge that only began to gain traction in 2012. Essentially, MOOCs are distance learning courses that are offered online by some top higher learning institutions. The courses meet high academic standards and are taught by world-class academics. Usually, lectures are delivered through recorded videos, but other study material may be availed or required depending on the course. There are also user forums that foster interaction among the tutors and the student body.

 Unlike traditional university courses, MOOCs do not have entry requirements. This means that you can take up any course regardless of your level of education. The best thing about these courses is that they are offered free of charge. Unfortunately, you won’t be earning credits or a diploma from massive open learning courses, although some institutions offer certificates for course completion.

2. Google Online Courses

Many people do not know that Google is one of the largest online education providers on the internet today. The best part is that most of these are offered free of charge.

While there isn’t a centralized dashboard where you can find all the courses that Google offers, you can discover lots of free resources if you spend a little time looking. By and large, you will find some resources on the company’s portals, while other material will only be available through MOOC providers such as Udacity.

Google only offers technology-driven courses that are bound to equip you with skills that are high in demand or which are essential for running a successful business in this era.

 Whether you seek to understand concepts such as campaign optimization in digital marketing or want to learn how to develop apps, Google online courses will get you there fast. If you pass the tests, you can become a certified professional or even earn a nanodegree, which can boost your career.

3. TAFE Courses in Australia

TAFE courses are particularly popular in the land down under because TAFE graduates are a hot cake in the job market. A 2017 report released by Skilling Australia Foundation found out that these graduates land their first jobs faster than university graduates, and that’s not all. They also receive higher paychecks.

This can be attributed to the fact that most TAFE courses are in high demand, and the graduates usually have practical skills and a fairly good understanding of the work environment.

The only problem is that these courses are not cheap, and payment is required upfront. This has continued to lock out many prospective students. As a saving grace, the State Government in Victoria pledged to fund 50 free TAFE courses starting 2019.

If you are an Australian resident, you can take advantage of any of these high demand courses ranging from engineering to Nursing and Mental health. The programs are completely free, but you may have to pay for textbooks or learning equipment.

4. YouTube Courses

Did you know that there are more learning related videos on YouTube than there are books in the oldest federal cultural institution in the US; the Library of Congress.

While you can learn new skills from just anyone, you can also take a variety of academic courses on a wide range of subjects. Top universities such as Yale have open courses that are available on YouTube.

New Possibilities

While the online space has opened up endless possibilities of learning, a great deal of personal discipline is required. You must carve your own time to attend to study and commit to doing research or complete assignments with no supervision. But learning has never been easier.