A side hustle can turn into a pretty efficient project if you are careful with picking the right marketing strategy.

A venture that cannot receive full-time attention needs to be approached from efficiency’s point of view. Entrepreneurs should look to work with the most effective methods and focus on quality rather than quantity.

If you are looking to get the most out of what little time you can dedicate to your side business, here are some great pointers that will help.

1. Write a Plan

An effective strategy starts with proper planning. Writing a structure of how you are going to do everything has its benefits, like:

  • Clearly seeing the deadlines and what needs to be achieved.
  • A step-by-step plan helps you focus on the most important things and not get distracted by other, more trivial matters.
  • When you achieve a milestone that you have set for yourself, it brings more motivation and helps move forward.

2. Automate as Many Aspects as You Can

Quite a few processes can be automated. A good example is pay-per-click marketing. You can design unique Google Ads campaign with Automated Ads Creation tool at Cleverecommerce.

Email marketing can also be automated with various plugins that make email list collection much easier. And then you have services like Hootsuite that allow you to pre-schedule social media posts in advance.

Finally, there is always the option to hire a freelancer, like a virtual assistant and leave certain tasks in his or her hands. Provided that what you pay for such services is worth it on your end.

3. Pick the Right Marketing Channels

marketing business

Different brands thrive in different environments. It may take a while to come up with a strategy, but do not neglect the importance of picking the right marketing channels.

For instance, if you are looking to improve your social media presence and your business relies on visuals, platforms like Pinterest and Instagram would be more effective than something like Twitter. The latter is used more commonly for breaking news.

Of course, that does not indicate abandoning certain platforms. They can still serve a purpose. It is just that with the time you have, efficiency ought to be at the top of the pecking order.

4. Make Use of Insights Tools

Guessing whether you are making progress or not blindly is not a sound strategy. And the money made is not always the best indicator. Instead of trusting your gut, make use of data tracking tools.

Google Analytics is free and it can be a powerful ally. Keep track of your business information and make the necessary adjustments that will further increase overall efficiency.

5. Ask for Feedback

business feedback

Sometimes, your own perspective can be deceptive and asking for another set of eyes can be of use. Genuine feedback from both your friends and family as well as customers will reveal where you need to improve. Just simply ask them when you have an opportunity, even if it is a quick question or two on one of your social media channels.

6. Repurpose Previous Content

When a social media post has received a lot of likes, you can repost it again after a while. Or, if a contest brought to a lot of customers, organize an identical contest or giveaway. Good pieces of content should not be discarded but repurposed for later.

7. Target the Right Demographic

Targeting the right demographic is another aspect that determines one’s efficiency. Determine whether your products are services sold best locally, or if you have enough leverage to make money on the international scale.

Plan your campaign in accordance with what your average customer is like. Their age, gender, and location play a prominent role.

8. Cooperate with Other Brands

Your competition can be a good source of inspiration. At the same time, they can become a partner who helps you. Sharing knowledge and promoting one another is a big plus, especially when the customer base does not overlap.

9. Focus on Holidays

business holiday sale

When you are limited with the time you can spend on an e-commerce project, it might be good to prepare for the upcoming holidays, such as Christmas, Black Friday, or Cyber Monday.

These are the days that people are the most likely to spend their money. And it might be worth to invest resources that you have as well, like preparing special offers or running promotional campaigns in advance.

So to sum it all up, these tips should do a fine job in helping you to make the most out of what time and other resources you have for your business. Since this is a side hustle, you need to be wise and make proper decisions that are not wasted, especially in the long run.