Whether you are a business owner, an investor, or are just interested in how the business world works, there are times when businesses make major changes in order to meet their objectives, expand, improve their financial situation or diversify.

These include things like buying out other businesses, merging with other businesses, or launching on the stock market and going from being privately owned to having shareholders.

When businesses go through these changes, they have to consider a lot of things like legal compliance and managing the processes. They also usually have to restructure or change internal processes. For this, they require support from other businesses that are expert in managing major structural change from a legal, financial and strategic perspective.

When a Business Goes Public

When a business wants to raise capital, for example to expand or fund new areas of the business, one way it can do it is by selling shares.

This is done through a process that begins with an IPO (initial public offering).

As you would expect there are a lot of things the business has to consider in terms of compliance and law, as well as making their processes as appealing as possible to shareholders. They also need experts to oversee the IPO itself. For this they engage a corporate broker, for example WHIreland, who support them in all of this and make sure the IPO is as effective as possible.

When a Business Takes Over or Merges

Businesses that want to buy out other businesses, or merge with them, use the help of what is called an M&A advisory service. M&A in this context stands for ‘mergers and acquisitions’, and covers the full gamut of takeover and merger activity. An M&A service can handle legal requirements and also advise on things like corporate restructuring and process changes as the businesses enter their new shape, and supports the businesses that engage them in preparing for the change.

When businesses undergo major changes, they are often legally required to have this kind of services, and benefit from it in other ways, such as being able to ensure that they manage their processes better and have the smoothest transition to their new operational states. These services are therefore a fairly important thing to know about for people in business who may, in the future, want to consider an IPO or merger.