Your team has created an excellent product. It’s based on sound market research, it has the management’s seal of approval, and it passed the surveys from client feedback software with flying colors. Now it’s time to introduce your brainchild to your following.

Getting people excited for a release, however, is a tall order. It takes more than an attention-grabbing caption or image to pique and sustain interest; in fact, it requires meticulous planning with solid, measurable goals. To create a fool-proof hype strategy for social media, follow these five recommendations:

1. Set a Goal and Timeline

Make sure that your “hype” is measurable — do you want to increase your following by x number of followers? Do you want to generate x number of Instagram inquiries? If you have a goal in mind, it’s easier to formulate strategies for publicity. For instance, if your goal is to increase following, your calls-to-action (CTA) could be tied to following your brand (“Follow us for more updates!”).

Similarly, keeping a timeline ensures you hit your targets in an organized manner. Without a timeline, your hype strategies would have to extend forever; you’re building excitement for nothing.

2. Publish Video Teasers

Give your followers a sneak-peak of your products bit by bit, by publishing video teasers. A sharp, shareable video generates a buzz around your brand. These pique their interest and leave them wanting more. It keeps them glued to your profile, waiting for your next post.

The timeline is crucial. If you’re publishing a series of videos, set a regular interval between the posts.

3. Use a Hashtag

Create a dedicated hashtag for your new product. Not only does this make your product more memorable; it also enables people to follow the brand conversation. They could readily find previous posts about your new product. Plus, it would be easy for them to join the conversation. With a dedicated hashtag, they can tweet or post their thoughts on your launch.

4. Show the Behind the Scenes

People are more likely to appreciate something if they have a behind-the-scenes story to tie things together. So, get prospective customers involved by showing them the production processes.

In fact, you have the choice to show them every step of the process, from completing the design board to choosing the raw materials to assembling the packaging. By showing people your behind-the-scenes journey, you show the effort you’ve put into planning and production and, consequently, earn your followers’ trust.

5. Be Creative with Promotional Deals

Curiosity alone isn’t enough to fuel the hype. Take it a step further by offering creative promos in line with the launch.

For instance, you can use discount codes for existing products (the ones that go well with your new offer) to encourage people to purchase them together. You could also ship the new product for free. Another method is to hold giveaways before product launch day. After all, nothing feels better than being able to try a product before everyone else does.

Hype doesn’t happen by accident. If you truly want your product to be talked about, you have to make it interesting, tease your followers, and sustain their attention. This way, you are more likely to hit your sales targets come launch day.