A POS or Point Of Sale is basically a place where sales are made. It is the place where the merchant calculates the cost of all the items and prepares the bill for the customer. There are a number of ways to process a point of sales such as cash registers, electronic card readers, and barcode readers, however, if the POS is made online then there are different ways to calculate the total amount for the customer. POS systems are conveniently located at the exit of stores so that customers can check out right before leaving. We are also seeing an increasing trend of placing POS systems at different locations throughout a store to increase sales of certain items of the same category.

POS systems are devices which allow you to keep a record of the day to day sales that take place in a store. Made with a powerful integration of software and hardware, they are a must for a growing business. There are certain factors you need to consider when buying a POS system, which can be based on your requirements. Some POS systems are specifically designed for supermarkets whereas more complex systems such clover station are also available if you need extra back-end features.

POS systems can save you a lot of time while giving you a variety of features. Consider different factors before you buy a POS system for your business. We have compiled a list of features to help you understand POS in detail and know what features you need to look out for before you make your purchase.

  1. Your POS system is meant to make the process of retail as simple as possible, so make sure it is self-sufficient. If you still need manual support for making invoices or another point of sale related procedures then the system needs an update. You can even opt for a merchant account to help you make your sales smoother.
  2. Your POS should be able to keep a track of customer data, which can be extremely helpful for your company in order to help deduce the products customers buy most. This information can also be used as a valuable feedback and would help your company grow.
  3. The POS system you purchase should be able to keep a track of the inventory. Keeping a reliable record of the inventory in your system is the key to making your customers happy and satisfied. Nobody likes to go to their favorite store to find out they have run out of sizes.
  4. A good POS helps you stay connected with your suppliers. This is very important allowing you to place orders anytime you run out of stock.
  5. Your POS should integrate with your e-commerce website as well so that you can keep a track of the inventory and must allow your customers to place hassle-free orders.
  6. If you have multiple outlets for your business, it is a good idea to have the feature incorporated in your POS that could connect you remotely.