When it comes to your sales team, providing them with the right tools to boost their sales number is half the battle. While the completion of a sale certainly depends on the ability of your salespeople to interact with the customers, without the right tools for the job, you’re setting them up for failure. A POS system can be just the tool you’re looking for to boost your team’s efforts and get those sales numbers up. 


Static POS systems are great but lack the mobility some modern systems have. By walking around the sales floor with a portable POS, your sales team can easily reach the customer with product information and stock numbers at their fingertips. 

Having a mobile POS also means the employee can close and complete the sale directly on the sales floor, helping the customer avoid lines and wait times. The ease and convenience of such a checkout is sure to set your business apart in a league of its own. 

Not only are you providing your employees with the right tools for the job, you’re also providing your store with a more versatile workforce. Instead of having employees waiting behind a checkout counter all day, they can be combing the sales floor, suggesting items and connecting with customers. 

The versatility of cloud-based POS systems means they’ll function with just about any mobile device, so you can use your own tablet(s) if you already have them. This eliminates the need for costly startup equipment and lowers the overall cost of your POS system. 

Loyalty Accounts 

Some POS software for retail comes with loyalty account management tools; so you can recruit and manage new loyalty account members directly from your POS terminal. This also eliminates those pesky manual signups that you have to enter into the system later. 

Loyalty programs are essential to a successful retail store. With a loyalty program, your customers will feel more appreciated knowing their dollars are being spent where they can earn something back for their money. 

You likely have one or more loyalty accounts with your favorite retailers. How nice is it to build up those points and get a reward? A gift card? Make your customers feel the same joy and encourage loyalty to your brand by letting your POS system manage a loyalty program. 

Reporting and Analytics

Your POS software can show your team members exactly where the store’s sales numbers are at for the day; encouraging them to pick up the pace if goals aren’t being met. Reporting and analytics aren’t just a manager’s best friend, but can also help motivate your salespeople to do better. 

You should always set sales goals for each team member at the beginning of the day. Some POS software even allows these goals to be set directly in the software, giving your team members a visual representation of what they’re being asked to achieve. 

The POS system also functions as a great accountability tool for employee punctuality. Your employees will be able to clock-in directly in the terminal, so you can keep track of their time cards andtheir sales performance in the same software. 

Analytics can help you better staff your store as well. You can take a look at daily and monthly sales numbers to identify the busiest times of the day/month, and staff accordingly. The greatest cost to your business is labor, so if you can minimize it by only staffing what you need, you’ll save money. 

Shorter Lines 

No one likes to stand in line, and long lines can actually cause potential paying customers to walk out of your store. Using a modern POS system will help reduce lines and keep those customers moving, allowing you to focus on engaging with customers on the sales floor instead of directing traffic. 

Keeping your lines down with faster checkouts and more efficient POS systems will ensure that your store doesn’t gain the reputation of having ridiculous wait times. We’ve all been to at leastone such store in our life; where you can almost always expect a long line. Shoppers try to avoid these stores if possible. 

Efficiency is the name of the game in retail. The more efficient your store is, the better it will perform, and the happier your employees will be. Too often, store managers forget that making employees happy is just as important as pleasing the customer. 

A satisfied sales team will not only perform better but will be in better spirits and have happier lives. Remember that you’re working with people, and their mental health should also be a priority! When lines are long, customers tend to be more irritable, and who are the first people they take their irritability out on? You guessed it, the cashiers! If you’ve ever worked as a cashier in retail, you know exactly what we’re talking about. 

Final Words

Not only does a good POS system make your employees more versatile, but it also gives them tools to help close the sale and keep lines moving. Your POS system will also be working in the background generating sales reports, managing inventory, and more. It’s safe to say that a modern POS system is one of the most effective tools you can have for your business. Try one today by downloading one of the many free demos available on the web!