Payzone is a leading payment service provider you should seriously consider. It’s perfect for both retailers and small enterprises across fixed, mobile as well as virtual terminals. Joining Payzone can only yield better results for your company.

With customer-focused services, Payzone allows you to pay, top-up, play, pick-up within your business, and attracts new customers—leading to increased revenue. Plus, you can earn significant commissions on every transaction you make.

Being a Dublin-based card payment company, Payzone offers merchant services to various companies in the United Kingdom. Keep reading the following detailed Payzone review to find out if it is worth getting for your business.

Partner with Payzone

So, if you’re looking an effective way for your business profits, consider partnering with Payzone. However, you should clearly understand their rates to see if they match your personal needs. Their offerings include:

  • 1-year contract
  • Merchant accounts, online payment, virtual terminal, as well as card readers
  • Extensive range of customer-oriented services
  • Bespoke pricing plans

Remember, Payzone isn’t a commercial account bank. Rather, they work closely with third-party business acquirers, like Barclaycard, and try to negotiate cheaper rates than you’d actually get by applying yourself. Besides, such a service makes it easier for you to get merchant accounts plus other payment solutions aimed at the consumer as well as retail use.

Payzone: The Costs and Fees

Payzone—which works directly with other 3rd party merchant based account providers such as Barclaycard—offers users an opportunity to establish large accounts. With Payzone, you have a platform that gives you the power to establish your merchant account at reduced rates. Plus, the platform allows you to only pay what you need. Some of the fees you are expected include a min of £20 per month and a 0.6 to 2.5 percent transactions fees


With Payzone, you won’t be charged set up or termination related fees—offering you the flexibility you need in a payment service provider.

Payzone’s Payment Services

With this platform, customers can enjoy a full-service package and additional payment solutions—including mobile phone top-ups and retailer card services. Plus, you can use bill-pay when paying for utilities. This makes things convenient—especially when it comes to businesses that require extras.

Extra Payzone Features

Other great features of Payzone include:


With Payzone, you get a portable card machine that you can connect to the base unit using Bluetooth—making it a convenient solution for businesses like restaurants and bars.

Mobile Technology

Payzone comes with mobile card machines featuring SIM cards that can directly connect using GPRS. Therefore, you don’t have to use your phone when it comes to mobile payments. Plus, this feature allows on-location payments—making it possible for contractors, freelancers, as well as caterers,  to easily execute transactions.

API Support

Payzone features API support, making it possible for users to develop their own solutions. Plus, you can use this feature to incorporate Payzone payment into other apps and services. Also, with this feature, you can customize your own business pages.

Other Payment Solutions

With Payzone, small businesses have access to the following additional payment solutions.

  • Bills payments like council tax and rent
  • Transporting and Ticketing
  • Debit Card Top-up
  • Mobile Top-Up
  • Gaming Vouchers

Final Words

Payzone is packed with some of the best features you can get in a payment service provider. For instance, it offers an array of payment services and is extremely flexible.

The best part: it has API support and uses superior mobile technology. So, if these are the features you are looking for in a payment service provider, think Payzone. With this platform, your business stands to gain immensely.