For many people, going to work is not a pleasurable experience.

They dread waking up every morning with the alarm, dealing with rush hour traffic, and going into a workplace where they feel unfulfilled.

But there are several other reasons why a job could actually lead to depression, which is a common mental health disorder that millions of people suffer with.

So, if you have been feeling down lately, your job might be to blame. Continue reading to find out if your job is making you depressed.

You Complain About Your Job All the Time

It’s one thing to complain about your job while you are there, but if you find yourself talking to everyone you can about your job just so that you could vent your frustrations, it is likely that the job is causing you to feel stressed, anxious, and depressed. When you constantly think about your job and you are focusing on all the negative things about it, you are bound to become mentally exhausted, and all of those negative emotions and thoughts could lead to feelings of distress.

You Would Rather Avoid Your Coworkers

Do you find yourself avoiding your coworkers, even if you used to be friends with them? Does everyone in the workplace seem to be rubbing you the wrong way? And are you always complaining to your friends and family about your coworkers? The people you work with have a huge impact upon how you feel about your job. If you aren’t happy with the people you are surrounded by for hours every single day, you are bound to get depressed. So if you are feeling down lately and you have been making excuses to avoid events outside of work that involve spending time with your coworkers, it is likely that your job is the cause of your depression.

Your Job Isn’t Letting You Get Better

Another reason why your job could be making you depressed is if it isn’t giving you the opportunity to really excel and better yourself. So, for example, if you are prohibited from having a say in any of the decision making processes at your company, you might feel as though you have been deemed inadequate. In the same way, if your job is not giving you the chance to get a promotion, or if you do not even feel comfortable talking to your managers, you might start feeling down about yourself. Depression from your job is common when you are stuck in a dead-end position, just as when you are stuck in a position that doesn’t offer you good job security. So consider talking to your boss about opportunities for advancement, or start tweaking your CV so that you can start applying for jobs elsewhere.

Your Health Is Suffering

If you have been getting sick more often lately, depression that is caused by your unhappiness at work might be to blame. If you’re mental health is taking a hit, it’s time to remedy it. The issue may just be stemming from high stress levels, or it could be related to money worries (for example, is the amount you’re earning enough to keep you going?). If this relates to you, try looking at resources such as Mental Health & Money Advice for support.

In addition to lowering your immune system, stress and depression could result in other uncomfortable symptoms like headaches and stomach pain. Eating right, exercising, supplementing, and following a healthy lifestyle might help you keep your immune system as strong as possible, but if your job is making you physically ill, it might be best to look for another work opportunity.

You Feel Irritable All the Time

Being irritable at work and snapping at your coworkers all the time is a sure sign that you aren’t happy there. But if you are taking that irritability home with you and taking it out on the people you love, your job is doing more damage than you might have originally thought. Irritability could be a symptom of depression, so try to think about other emotions that you might be experiencing on top of it. If you are sad, frustrated, disconnected, and feeling negative about your current situation and your future, you might want to talk to a doctor about whether or not you are dealing with depression, as well as what you can do about it.

You Aren’t Motivated to Do Anything

If you find yourself unmotivated to pursue the activities that used to bring you joy, you might be suffering with depression. And if that motivation to have fun went away when you started to feel increasingly stressed at work, it’s likely that your job is the root of the problem.

Depression and work don’t have to go hand-in-hand. If you’ve been feeling depressed or anxious lately, think about what could be triggering those emotions. For a lot of people, their depression stems from having an unfulfilling job. But being unhappy at the workplace doesn’t have to be permanent, as there are other opportunities out there if you look for them. By finding the right job, you might be able to reduce or eliminate your depression.