Finances are a concern for most people, so creating ‘how-to’ guides that help others manage their money better is typically a value-add. Using a trade show displays to highlight these guides as free giveaways are ideally suited to the inline booth display type.

‘How-to’ guides can be transformed into simple yet attractive gifts to promote your business. These take up little room and are an easy way to inform customers and businesses about your product or service. Designing an attractive trade show display to augment your core business and cost-effective gift guides is also a way to create an interesting talking point.

Personal Self-Improvement Financial Guide Brochures

Given the economic climate in many countries, individuals and businesses are constantly looking for techniques to increase their profits and wealth. Using a simple brochure to develop further personal financial training, gives both the individual and businesses a starting point for self-improvement. Your guide should then address personal attitudes about finances to develop a wealth consciousness.

Having brochures that contain this type of information, together with your website address can then lead customers to your online videos about how to achieve an attitude aimed at promoting personal wealth.

Business Financial Improvement Videos

Trade show displays should always be multi-faceted and forward-thinking. For larger trade shows and financially stronger businesses, designing a larger booth to highlight your business offerings becomes more viable. Here, you can harness your display, the trade show, and all the extras to visually present the same financial wealth training videos that you have online.

Making extensive use of the skills and experience of the design team at ExpoMarketing can help you to maximize the benefits of your trade show displays. Duplicating your marketing efforts at an expo and online serves to reinforce your sales message. Giving away free brochures and showcasing additional business training videos online, can also be leveraged to add to your income stream quite easily.

Use your trade show display for your audience to view free sample training videos. Offer several free training videos online, and charge a fee for a full training course. Businesses can then utilize these online ‘how-to’ training guides as a cost-effective means to enhance personal financial growth methods, and harness this learning for the business. Effectively, this adds up to a 2-for-the-price-of-1 offering for individuals and business customers.

Cost-Effective Trade Show Displays

None of the above ideas need to break your budget. With some careful financial planning and smart creative help from ExpoMarketing, you can opt to rent a small or large booth that aligns with your marketing and budget needs. Instead of going for extra floor space, for example, use the tools that you already have to populate your rented, portable booth.

Limit your graphics in favor of using our smart A.V. tech for visual and audio displays to maximize your sales message while minimizing your costs. Be financially smart about your decisions, further demonstrating your mastery over your field to your target audience. In fact, your salesperson can highlight this aspect of the business’ offering when presenting at your trade show displays. Of course, if money is no object, then a larger permanent booth may be the way to go too.

As a business owner, displays are one powerful tool in your marketing arsenal. Weigh out all your options before settling for one size booth, rented or purchased, tailor-made or standard with distinguishing features. Ultimately, clever financial use of this service should be multi-purpose, to extract the greatest benefits for your business.