Employers need to protect their employees’ wellbeing to ensure productivity and efficiency at the workplace. Employers need to support every aspect of their employees’ health; it goes way beyond their physical health – there is the mental, social, emotional, occupational, environmental wellbeing.  Your employees are the most important resource in your organisation and to ensure they are efficient and effective at carrying out their work duties there are a couple of suggestions listed below.

Introduce Standing Desks

Several studies on ergonomics have shown that creating a healthy balance between sitting and standing can allow for more efficiency at work. Desks like this allow people to sit or stand when they desire. It is unhealthy to start for too long and also to sit for too long, strike a balance. Encourage them to take time off and walk around for a few minutes

Create a Relaxing Space

Employees need to have their own personal spaces; it allows for independence and autonomy and allows people to work in a stress-free environment. This does not mean that the office space needs to be sparse, it just means that you create a work environment that allows for some privacy and comfort but is also close-knit and people can work efficiently with their co-workers.

Start a Reward System

Employees might be passionate about their jobs and give it their all but eventually or at some point, they will get bored of it, and a little nudge of encouragement will work, does not necessarily have to a monetary reward, it could be as easy as recognising their contributions.

Maintain Team Connectivity

There are apps like Slack that make this easy. It is important that your workers feel as if they are a part of a family and this could be done with or without technology. You could allocate a few hours of a chosen day to socialising, it helps people to know their coworkers much better and ease off any work tensions. Another important reason for this is if you have remote workers, no work process is isolated; they are all interconnected.

Enhance Clean Air

Everywhere is polluted these days, what is on the outside is sure to get on the inside. Air pollution is harmful to everyone and employers should take little steps like ensuring the rooms are properly ventilated, it is understandable if you have no control over this because you could be on a lease, but you could also purchase air purifiers, they catch and filter dirt particles in the air, allowing for a healthy environment.

Paint Green

Studies have shown that the colour green can be linked to people’s creative thought process. Creativity is a core feature in every aspect of our jobs so accommodate as much green as you can. You do not have to paint the walls to achieve this. You could bring in green ornaments, plants, artworks and hang around the office. This does not only increase creativity but adds life and beauty to the workspace.

Encourage Conflict

Healthy conflicts should be encouraged, allow your employees to debate issues and ideas because at the end of the day they will be differences of opinions and without going through this process you might not end up with the best of ideas. This helps to build character and ensure every employee is heard.

As Mark Zuckerberg said, if you do not treat your employees right, they will end up using your internet to find better opportunities. Follow the guide and improve productivity.