If your business is in need of finance, you’ll find there’s a lot of options available. Although bank loans and traditional credit is much harder to secure these days, there are some great alternatives on offer.

Here, you’ll discover some of the best proven ways to finance your business when it needs it.

1. Take Out a Business Loan

Although loans can be a lot more difficult to secure from traditional lenders these days, there are other options out there.

You’ll find lots of lenders willing to offer you a business loan. However, depending upon numerous factors, the interest rates can vary significantly between them. This means it’s crucial to compare different lenders in order to determine the most affordable option. Although having a good credit rating helps, you’ll still find lenders such as Liberis who are willing to offer bad credit business loans.

2. Use a Credit Card

If you don’t need a huge sum of money, a business credit card could be the answer. This enables you to use it for things such as stocking up on supplies or accounting for slower periods in the business.

Using a credit card for business can be risky. You’ll need to ensure any debts you rack up are manageable. You’ll also want to ensure you can pay more than the minimum each month. If you don’t, you’ll simply be paying off the interest and the balance won’t come down very quickly. Like loans, there’s a lot of different lenders available, each with differing interest rates. So, always compare them before choosing which one to apply for.

3. Crowd Sourcing

Finally, a great option available to businesses today is crowd sourcing. With this, you basically set a financial goal of how much you need. Individuals will then fund numerous amounts until you reach your goal.

This type of funding is best used for one-off projects. So, it could be you need funding to get a new product onto the market. Or, you may want a completely new website design. Crowd sourcing is ideal for those one-off projects but isn’t a great option for long-term funding.

Whatever type of funding you need, the above are 3 of the best finance options available to you. It’s important to take into account the needs of the business and how long you expect to experience financial difficulties. If you need a lump sum, crowd sourcing or a business loan is ideal. For smaller funding requirements, credit cards can be a viable option.