I remember the first thing I bought on eBay.

A drumset.

I know what you’re thinking. That was a big thing to “test the waters” with. And you’re right.

I probably should have bought something smaller first, but I like to live life like an outlaw and I do what I want!

Well, not really. I just wanted a drum set and that was the only way to get it without asking my mom.

Yep, I bought a drum set without asking my mom when I was 13 years old.

I don’t even think I told her until UPS showed up with it.

Oh, teenagers.

Anyways, eBay has been around for a long time. I’ve bought and sold more items than I can count (FYI, I can’t count very high). Now that Amazon is taking over the galaxy, eBay has lost some popularity, but it’s still a great tool for finding cheap stuff.

Anything you would buy from a thrift store or a flea market would make for a good purchase on eBay.

Clothing is one of my favorite things to buy on eBay.

But enough about me. This infographic is packed with everything you ever (and never) wanted to know about eBay. I find it really interesting, but I’m also a finance nerd. I hope you can share in the finance-nerd fun with me.

ebay infographic business information

Infographic: 16Best