If you are looking to launch your own business in the near future, there are many benefits to registering the company in the Pacific Island of Vanuatu, which offers very attractive taxation concessions and other benefits to businesses that register within their nation. If you know little or nothing about Vanuatu, here are some of the main reasons why entrepreneurs prefer to register their company in Vanuatu.

  1. Zero Corporation Tax – This is reason enough to register your new business on the Island Republic of Vanuatu, as there are not many countries in the world that offer such an attractive incentive for foreign businesses. There are specialist accountants that offer company formations in Vanuatu and they can easily be found with an online search, and once in contact, the legal expert can walk you through the company formation process. There are other important tax concessions, which is something to discuss with the accountant who is based in Vanuatu, as they have a wealth of knowledge on the taxation system.
  1. Confidentiality – In Vanuatu, when you register a company, you do not have to list the names of the directors, owners or shareholders in the public records. Furthermore, directors and shareholders do not have to be citizens of Vanuatu, plus there is no limit to the number of shareholders within the company. Some investors prefer to remain anonymous for many reasons, and the law in Vanuatu does not require a corporation to reveal the names of owners, directors and shareholders.
  1. Stable Political Environment – There has never been any issues in Vanuatu regarding political unrest or anything that might disrupt the economy. When looking to register a business in a foreign country, you must take care to ensure that your investment is safe, and with a very solid history, Vanuatu is the ideal base for your new business.
  1. English is the Spoken Language – The great thing about doing business in Vanuatu is you do not need to have business documents translated into English, as this is the language that is commonly used in this Pacific Island republic. Whenever you have meetings, they can all be in English, which means you will understand everything that is happening, unlike is some foreign countries, where they speak a language that is very hard for foreigners to understand.
  1. Low Minimum Investment – The minimum investment when opening a company in Vanuatu is only $300, and if you would like to set the ball rolling and base your new business in Vanuatu, simply contact a local accounting firm, who would have a wealth of experience in arranging for company formations.

When you compare the many benefits of forming your company in Vanuatu to other locations, it is easy to see why so many businesses are based on the small Pacific island, and with the help of an established local accounting firm, they do all the work and can advise you on the best way to form your new business.