Being qualified enough to be classed as a professional is often a scenario where your career and earning prospects should reach new levels and opportunities tend to open up for you as you develop your reputation.

If you look at an accounting degrees overview you will see that in this profession there can be opportunities to pursue an exciting career path, and that means that your personal and professional aspirations and dreams could become reality if you manage to get the rewards that your dedication and diligence deserve.

When you start searching for your accounting dream job you will quickly discover that the financial rewards are there if you can set your career on the right trajectory and being well paid is just one of the compelling reasons why you might want to become an accountant.

1. A Future-Proof Industry

There aren’t many industries these days where you can say that you will always have job opportunities but accountancy is a profession that definitely ticks plenty of boxes as a future-proof profession.

The bottom line is that while there continues to be businesses and entrepreneurs around they will always need the help and expertise of an accountant ti=o help them interpret their financial situation and keep on the right side of tax rules.

2. You Will Only Be Limited By Your Ambition

Good accountants who provide excellent service and deliver results for their clients soon manage to develop a reputation as a go-to person and that means that others will start beating a path to your door to use your services.

Whether you work for yourself or within an organization, your career should grow in line with your reputation as an accountant who knows how to look after the numbers.

3. Let’s Talk About Money

Although money may not be your primary motivation for becoming an accountant there is little doubt that your salary levels are more than capable of reaching impressive heights.

Accountancy is a profession where the median salary is impressive compared to other careers and your ability to achieve a six-figure income is often there for the taking, much sooner than you might imagine.

4. Build a Solid Financial Foundation

Being an accountant will mean that you are considered to be working in what is regarded as a respected profession and that means that your personal financial strength often reflects that fact.

In other words, because your work shows you know how to handle money it tends to follow that financial products and investment opportunities are created for you by virtue of the fact that your profession is so respected.

5. An Important Part of the Management Team

Every business venture has to be fully costed and that means that accountants take a key role in many businesses as they become the sounding board for ideas and whether they work from a financial perspective.

Being the person who gets to analyze and confirm the viability of business plans and trading strategies is exciting and earns you a lot of respect at the same time.

6. You Choose Your Industry

When you train to do a specific job it can often mean that you are then limited to a narrow career path within a relevant industry where those skills are applicable, however, being a qualified accountant allows you to work in almost any industry.

If you would like to work in a sector or industry that you have a passion for there is every chance that you could achieve that aim as accountants are in demand across every industrial sector and industry.

7. It’s Not All About the Math

Clearly, you need to have a good head for figures and a keen interest in numbers to be an accountant but it is worth pointing out that good numeracy is not the only prerequisite for gaining a professional qualification.

Software takes care of a lot of the basic number-crunching tasks and a key role of a modern accountant is to provide professional business guidance and suggest ways to pursue goals in the most tax-efficient way.

This means that you can have a satisfying and rewarding career where your input is valued by your colleagues and clients and math is not the only thing they will rely on you for.

8. No Geographical Limits

Although there may be some gaps that you might need to fill if you want to work abroad, in general terms, accountancy is a portable profession where your skills will be globally recognized.

If you like the idea of working in different parts of the world as part of your career objectives it is possible to fulfill those ambitions with an accountancy qualification.

9. Plenty of Rewards Beyond Money

Being well remunerated for your skills is always a nice thing to have but there are more aspects to being an accountant than salary alone.

There can be a tremendous amount of satisfaction gained from being to help someone resolve a problem or show them how to get where they want to be.

10. Stay Employed in Any Financial Climate

It would be wrong to suggest that being an accountant will make you immune from the impact of an economic downturn but it is not unreasonable to argue that an accountancy position can often be overlooked when cutbacks have to be made.

Historically, the normal course of events in a recession and when a company needs to trim the workforce is to look at making cuts in areas such as sales and marketing, mainly because financial guidance and know-how are often needed in order to steer a business through choppy waters.

When budgets need to be slashed and savings made it is often down to the accountancy department to come up with the answers and that should mean that your job security is a little better when you have that qualification against your name.

In summary, you really don’t have to be an accountant to see that the numbers and arguments add up in favor of this being a profession where you really could be doing your dream job.