Caught in the daily rush of work, extracurricular activities, and errands, you can easily fall into the trap of thinking that you simply don’t have time to earn more money.

While it takes some ingenuity to uncover new revenue streams, you can take several steps to add more funds to your bank account even when it feels like you can’t.

1. Earn Funds With Your Free Time

You don’t want to work all the time, but what if you could earn money when it feels like you’re taking time off? Reconsider your leisure activities and look for creative ways to earn money from them. If you like to crochet, consider selling your masterpieces through an Etsy store. Offer to walk dogs for friends and neighbors when you walk your own dog. You can get money for a stroll that’s already on your agenda.

These side jobs can add up fast, so make sure you’re keeping track of your earnings. Properly reporting your income can help you avoid issues later if you would be subject to an IRS tax audit. If you find yourself facing a tax issue, get some help from a tax professional.

2. Share Your Skills

At first glance, you may think that the only way to earn money online is through blogging or social media marketing. This belief can be discouraging if you possess lackluster writing skills and haven’t tweeted in years. Fortunately, you can market countless other skills through the internet. Consider your areas of expertise and look for ways to sell what you already know.

Consulting in a niche area can land you upward of $100 per hour if you connect with the right client base. You can take consulting gigs as your time allows, fitting this work in around your day job. You may also consider offering an online course through a platform such as Teachable, which allows you to put forth your expertise in a beautifully crafted class. From this class, you can generate an ongoing revenue stream.

3. Reassess Your Budget

If you don’t maintain a careful budget, you’re probably overlooking potential ways to fund your bank account. Evaluate all your spending for a few months, then step back and look at the bigger picture.

If you’re buying coffee on the way to work every day, you can easily find some extra money hiding in your coffeepot. Start brewing your beverages at home and discover how much money you can save. Lump your errands together into fewer trips to cut down on gas purchases for your vehicle. Master a few slow cooker meals so that you don’t have to eat out on busy days. These little actions can add up to a lot of money saved.

4. Make Money With Your Shopping

Earn money while you’re spending through websites such as Ebates or Swagbucks. These sources offer cash back for online purchases through participating stores. This strategy won’t help if you use your membership as an excuse to shop more, but they’re great for earning extra dollars on items that you already have to buy.

With the right mindset and a creative approach, you can uncover several ways to easily add more money to your bank account, no matter how busy you may be.