If you’re looking for budgeting tools, look no further.

I’ve compiled an all-inclusive list of every high-quality budgeting tool I could find and put them all together here.

I’ve even included the price (if there is one), the format(s) available and a brief description of each. I’ll start with my favorites and then move on to the rest.

Let’s jump right in and see what our options are…

My Top 3 Budgeting Tools


Format: Desktop, iPhone, Android
Price: Free plan / Plus Plan ($5/month)
Goodbudget is my primary budgeting tool. If you prefer to manually input all of your expenses, then Goodbudget is for you. It’s simple and easy to use.

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Format: Desktop, iPhone, Android
Price: Free
Mint is one of the most popular budgeting tools and for a good reason. You’re able to link your accounts and fully automate your budget. It’s worth checking out. I use it as another means to track my finances and spending habits.

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Personal Capital

Format: Desktop, iPhone, Android
Price: Free
Personal Capital is my new favorite budgeting tool. You can link all your accounts for your budget. You can also see all your transactions in one place and link your investments to get your net worth.

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Free Budgeting Tools


Format: Desktop
Price: Free
Budgetpulse is great for simple budgeting, without linking your accounts to the system. If you would rather not link your accounts, this is a great manual system.


Format: Desktop, iPhone, Android
Price: Basic (Free) / Plus ($4.99/month)
BudgetSimple is just like it sounds…simple. It’s extremely easy to use; however, to link your accounts, you have to upgrade to Plus.


Format: Desktop, iPhone, Android
Price: Basic (Free) / Plus ($3.99/month) / Pro ($4.99/month)
Buxfer allows you to sync your accounts together in one place. They also let you upload your financial statements, generate reports and receive notifications if you’re overspending. It’s a great tool and you can always try the free version first and then make the decision to upgrade later or simply stay with the free plan.


Format: Desktop
Price: Free
dsBudget used to be my main budgeting tool since it’s easy and free, but they don’t have an app and even though the program is web-based, you can only access your information from the computer it’s downloaded on.


Format: Desktop, Android
Price: Free
GnuCash is budgeting financial software for your personal accounting, but it also works great for small-business accounting. If you’re looking for a more detailed accounting program, this is one of the top free pieces of software.

Money Strands

Format: Desktop, iPhone
Price: Free
Money Strands gives you the ability to compare your spending to people who are similar to you financially. It also sends alerts when you’re going over your budget.


Format: Desktop
Price: Free
Moneytrackin’ lets you track your spending and view reports of your spending breakdown. It’s also simple and easy to use.


Format: Desktop, iPhone, Android
Price: Basic (Free) / Premier ($95/year) / Coaching (Prices Vary)
Mvelopes is a simple envelope budgeting system that allows you to connect your bank accounts. They also offer a customized coaching service.


Format: Desktop, Apps are currently in alpha stage
Price: Basic (Free) / Premium ($9.95/month) / Super ($19.95/month)
PocketSmith gives you the ability to see daily bank balance forecasts for up to 30 years ahead. That’s pretty cool. It’s a highly comprehensive tool, but I think it will be better once the full apps are available.

Paid Budgeting Tools

Money Dance

Format: Desktop
Price: $49.99 one time
Money Dance is an easy-to-use, well designed and detailed budgeting program. You can also track your investments.


Format: Desktop
Price: $4.95/month (Free trial period)
PearBudget is a simple web-based app. It’s basically a spreadsheet that was turned into actual budgeting software. It doesn’t get much easier than this, but it does require a small monthly fee.

You Need A Budget

Format: Desktop, iPhone, Android, Kindle Fire
Price: $60 one time (Free trial period)
You Need A Budget does cost some money, but it’s extremely detailed and descriptive. I don’t use it personally, but if you want a complete money management system, you want this one.

More Budgeting Tools

If you’re more of a spreadsheet budgeter, head over to J. Money’s archive of different budgeting spreadsheets and find the one that works for you.

Also, your bank probably offers online banking, which means they probably offer a budgeting tool. It may even include an app. I bank with Bank of America and USAA, and they both offer budgeting tools. I just prefer to use my own.

Budgeting App: If you went through all these tools and you still can’t find a budgeting app that you like, consider making your own over at Cashbook Toolkit.

This is not a complete list of every budgeting tool out there, but it could be (at least, the best tools). If you know of a great tool that isn’t here, just let me know and I’ll check it out!

That being said, I did a lot of research to compile a list with only useful resources here. I do know of some other budgeting software that I didn’t include, only because I didn’t want to include unnecessary tools that aren’t as high quality as the other tools on this list.

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