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Month: September 2016

Money and Productivity: Weekend Reading

I have some great reads for you.

I’ve also been making some updates to a few pages.

I made the blog page and the free guides easier to navigate by adding new menus.

I also completely revamped the free guides and added all kinds of new resources.

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5 Profound Truths That Newbies Must Know About Online Trading

Online trading could be a smart way to supplement your income and you can actually fire your boss and become a full time day trader.

One of the advantages of making money through online trading is the relative freedom that it offers you in relation to other moneymaking ventures.

However, tales abound about many people who have delved into online trading with great expectations but who ended up losing all of their trading capital.

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Money and Productivity: Weekend Reading

I’ve been getting calls from the IRS.

Except they aren’t really the IRS. Because they are calling me.

And because the one time I called them back, they answered. The IRS doesn’t answer.

If they do answer, it’s going to take a while. If you’re getting calls from the IRS, it’s not really the IRS, it’s a scam.

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