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Month: March 2016

Here’s Why Patience is the Key to Success

In a world where literally everything we could want as consumers is at our fingertips, it’s difficult not to expect instant gratification.

At the touch of a button we immediately receive all sorts of things.

But the problem with all of this ‘on demand’ availability is that we are evolving into a race that acts with expectation, rather than taking the time to nurture ourselves as responsible human beings.

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Holiday Home in Spain: The Perfect Investment?

If you have never considered buying a holiday home before, now could be the perfect time. Spain has some incredible destinations including the famous Marbella on the Costa del Sol where you can purchase luxury villas at excellent prices. These can serve as incredible holiday homes for you to visit any time of year.

But the reason a Spanish property can be such a smart investment is that there are so many options with what to do with your villa moving forward. Here is why you should choose a holiday home in Spain as the place to put your money.

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Why an Accountant is Important for New Businesses

So you’ve gotten your killer idea, you’re putting your business plan into action, you’ve bought a domain name, you’ve ticked all the initial boxes when starting a new business, what next? Consider hiring a professional accountant to help you manage your new business. While it may seem like a needless task to start off with, if you are really keen on getting your business up and running and in good time, you need someone with management experience and knowledge of the industry. Accountants have that essential knowledge and will be able to provide professional advice based on your specific business needs.

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How Can an Asset Protection Trust Help With Inheritance Planning?

If you are financially secure and have assets you wish to pass on to your family when you die, planning for inheritance tax (IHT) is key. As it stands, by law you can leave an estate worth £325,000 tax free. Anything above that amount will be liable to a flat 40% IHT rate.

This might mean that your family may have to sell the family home or, in any case, be unable to benefit from a large portion of the wealth you have accumulated over a lifetime.

If you are worried that this could be a likely scenario for your family, an Asset Protection Trust is definitely worth looking into. Why not discuss this flexible estate planning tool with your solicitor to see if it could be right for your situation?

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