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Month: February 2016

Understanding Debt: How and Why to Live Without Debt

You’ve heard both extremes: “debt is a tool” and “debt is pure evil”.

I’m not that extreme, but I do lean towards the second option.

It’s often believed that debt can be used as leverage, and that it can get you where you want to go faster than living debt-free. That can be true, but living with debt can also get you bankrupt faster than living without debt.

Yes, all reward has risk, but this one may not be worth it.

Let me clarify. Here’s why I think debt is a bad idea and how it’s possible to live without debt…

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Can Poor Internet Security Put Your Retirement in Jeopardy?

The internet and online accounts have made it easier than ever to keep your accounts in check and make immediate adjustments to your investing strategy. Yet cybercriminals know about the vulnerabilities that exist online for investors. They also know the rewards of a sustained hacking or scamming effort. While banks and other financial institutions have done a great job to protect their customers online in recent years, their methods aren’t perfect just yet.

Additionally, you can be endangering your retirement by doing (or not doing) things online that reveal your personal or account data. A hacker doesn’t need to work too hard to link all of your online activities together or spot an opportunity, and identity theft remains one of the major problems of our time. Once your assets or identity are stolen, it might not be simple to get them back.

Here are a few of the things you need to know and do to keep your savings safe online:

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5 Tips on Turning Change Into Real Money

We all have loose change; jangling around in our pockets, in our cars, in drawers, and often just jangling around in the washing machine; we’re often a little too quick to dismiss our change. But if we have our smart head on there’s actually plenty of money to be made, so long as we have the foresight and patience to view it in the long term.

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3 Crucial Rules to Remember When Trading in Currency

In 2014, it was estimated that the daily volume of foreign exchange trading stood at an impressive $5.3 trillion. This has increased further since, especially as the global economy has continued its recovery and driven greater interest in the financial marketplace.

Currency trading is an extremely difficult exercise, however, and one that is fraught with numerous challenges. Without a clear understanding or comprehension of the marketplace and the underlying laws that govern change, it is almost impossible to profit and easy to incur losses.

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Understanding Consumerism: How to Save Money in a World of Spending

Consumerism has turned into an addiction.

As a society, we are addicted to consumption. We consume products, food, things…at an alarming rate.

I’m starting this “Understanding Series” with consumerism for a reason. I’m going to go in-depth with every area of your finances throughout this series, but it all starts right here.

If you don’t understand consumerism and how to get out of the trap, you will lack in every other area of your finances.

Here it is: how to set yourself apart from the average consumer. How to be a savvy consumer…

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