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I want to share a simple tip I’ve used to organize my entire house. Then I’ll give you some awesome reading I’ve found this week.

One Room at a Time

Your household can easily overwhelm you. There’s cleaning, organizing, sorting, and the list goes on. Of course, it would be ideal to downsize, but even that takes time. So how does it happen? One room at a time.

Perhaps you want to sort through a room to find donations. Perhaps you want to organize a room so that you actually know where things are. Maybe you just want to clean your house and you can’t find the time.

One room at a time.

I used this to clean my entire house in two weeks, without overwhelming myself. The first day, I cleaned the kitchen. The next day was the living room. Then the hall bathroom, followed by the office bathroom. Two weeks later, the entire house was spotless.  Now I choose a different cabinet or drawer to sort each day.

This works for anything you need to do across your home and it allows you to work a little here and there. The most important rule that made this a success was this: don’t work on anything outside of the room of the day. This way you know exactly what you need to do each day – don’t do anything outside of that.

As for the links this week, they’re a little heavy on the finance side, but I’ve been posting a lot of productivity articles lately, so I’m evening things out: