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When you hear about the financial aspects of the military, you won’t get far without hearing the word “benefits”.

As we all know, the benefits range from pride in serving your country all the way down to your food allowance (BAS).

Why do we hear so much about the benefits?

Because the base pay isn’t that impressive, but once you add in the benefits, military pay doesn’t look too shabby.

The benefits go outside the realm of health insurance and allowances.

Let’s look at some benefits that the military has to offer that aren’t mentioned quite as often…

1. Saving $600 Per Year

Almost every base has a gym. If they don’t have anything else, they have a gym. It’s easy to take it for granted, but have you ever stopped to think about how much you could be spending if you didn’t have access to the base gym? Nowadays gyms range from $10 to hundreds of dollars per month. So let’s take the average price of a gym membership…about $50/month…that may even be low-balling it.

That’s $600/year that you are saving.

If you are in for 20+ years, you can look at it like a $12,000+ bonus.

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