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Merry Christmas! Christmas Around the World [Infographic]

Merry Christmas!

This is my favorite time of the year, as it is for many of you.

Today, I figured I would lighten the mood a little bit.

We’ll get back to improving our finances and productivity tomorrow, but for today, it’s a time to relax, appreciate and enjoy everything we are blessed with.

Spend time with your family. Get stuffed with Christmas dinner. Give freely and enjoy this interesting infographic…

5 Game-Changing Things You Don’t Know About Millionaires

We all have our opinions about millionaires and the rich.

I’d like to challenge some of those opinions and show you some things you might not know about millionaires.

It’s not about luck, fancy lifestyles or greed.

It’s about developing a mindset that sets you apart from the rest.

Here are 10 game-changers that you didn’t know about millionaires…

5 Mistakes Expatriates Make When Using Credit Cards

American citizens who live abroad are known to face some rather unpleasant financial surprises when they get back to the US.

While spending responsibly when outside the US, their lack of U.S. credit activity often deprives them of new credit cards or loans being issued to them.

Opening a bank account can also be really tough.

American expats tend to be completely unaware of how they should manage their existing credit cards while they live abroad, and there are few identifiable mistakes they usually make.

Here on some of the mistakes expatriates make when using credit cards…

How to Create More Self Discipline in Your Life

“​We are what we repeatedly do, excellence then is not an act, but a habit ​.”​ ​-​Aristotle

​Discipline isn’t about the choice to do or not do something.

It’s a choice to take control of your own life, instead of letting someone or something else do it for you.

That’s why Napoleon Hill said:

“​​​If you do not conquer self, you will be conquered by self ​.”​​

It is possible to create discipline and become a disciplined person.

​It’s not genetic and it certainly isn’t something that always comes naturally.

Here’s are 4 important things you need to know about self discipline to create more in your life…

6 Productivity Hacks Backed By Science [Infographic]

“I believe in science.” -Esqueleto, Nacho Libre

I’m all about science-backed productivity.

From how habits are formed to the time of day we are most productive, I think science plays a huge role in helping us become more productive.

That’s exactly why I think it’s important to see some actual studies and how they pertain to your productivity…

The Quickstart Guide to Seller Financing Real Estate

Have you ever thought about owning rental property?

Perhaps you’re interested, but you’re worried about high maintenance costs and destructive tenants.

That’s a common thought and a common worry. And there is a way around it.

Yes, you can invest in income property without actually being a landlord.

It’s called seller financing and it could work for you as a seller or a buyer…

Do You Have What It Takes to Invest in Classic Cars?

We always hear that some people have just made a huge profit on certain type of investment and think if we could make the same kind of money, too.

It is all good dreaming about how good you would be and how much money you would earn. However, some people make money regardless of markets going up or down.

They actually can make even more money when the market is crashing if they know when to short certain stocks as we discovered in recent crises with banking stocks.

When it comes to investing in classic cars there are a few obvious potholes anyone can fall in…even the seasoned dealers. They are easy to fall in love with, be sentimental and being cars, they have many associated problems.

Here are 5 tips to help you decide if you would be a good classic car investor or it is not definitely for you…

How to Create a New Habit (Even if You’re “Too Busy”)

Are you intentional about creating new habits? You should be.

Building positive habits is one of the most powerful disciplines in the world.

Large results are created through the building of small, consistent habits.

But how do you build a new habit if you don’t have any time to spare? You know, if you think you’re “too busy”.

Everyone is busy and most people think they are too busy to add something to their life. They’re not. And you’re not.

Here’s what has worked for me, and it has also worked for many influential leaders…

Credit Card Insider Review – Find the Perfect Card for You

There are many tools to help your find the perfect credit card.

Some of those tools cost money, this one is free, but there are other free tools like this.

So, what makes it so special?

It’s more than just a tool, it’s a goldmine of resources on finding credit cards, improving your credit, fixing mistakes on your credit report and ultimately helping your get the best credit score possible.

So let’s dive in…

​My Biggest Money Mistakes (That I’m Glad I made) Part 3: A Common Mistake

This is my last mistake.

I’m sure that’s not true, but it is my last mistake in this series. For now.

Be sure to check out Part 1 (Network Marketing) and Part 2 (Direct Buy) in this series.

So, this is a mistake that I made and it’s likely a mistake you have made. An overpriced vehicle.

Or…financing a vehicle in general, but specifically paying way too much in the first place.

For us, it was a 2003 Chevy Blazer and we paid more than anyone ever should have paid for it.

Let’s look at the mistake, why it happened and what we can learn…

How to Combat Your Morning Self (And My Morning Ritual)

​​I ​ have two personalities. My night self and my morning self.

Sometimes we don’t get along.

When my night self decides to stay up a little later, my morning self isn’t too happy.

My night self goes to sleep thinking about all of the great and productive things I’m going to do in the morning.

​But sometimes my morning self wakes up thinking my night self is an over-achiever and I should just go back to sleep.​

Sound familiar?​ Here is how I am able to combat my morning self and get stuff done…

How to Take Back Your Mornings [Infographic]

Mornings are my favorite time of the day.

I can get more done in the first 2 hours of the morning than I can in the next 8 hours of the workday.

Since I’ll be publishing an article tomorrow on successful mornings (I’ll even be sharing my morning ritual), I thought it would be appropriate to share this awesome infographic today.

Let’s quickly go over a few key things to morning time…

My Biggest Money Mistakes (That I’m Glad I made) Part 2: Wholesale Club

It’s time for another mistake.

Actually, I’m not planning on making another mistake, this is a mistake I already made.

Last time, I wrote about my failed ventures in network marketing. today we are talking about a money mistake I made in my first year of marriage.

My wife and I decided to join a wholesale warehouse. Direct Buy to be exact. Maybe you’ve heard of it.

It cost us a lot of money (I’ll tell you how much in a moment), but I’m still glad we did it, here’s why…

How to Determine the Best Age to Take Life Insurance

Most youngsters think that they do not require life insurance, and hence, they ignore it.

They neglect the benefits it offers them because they feel it’s not meant for them, so they simply take it because of statutory tax deductions.

It is okay for them to feel that way, especially if they don’t have familial responsibilities.

However, they should remember that there are different impacts when they take this type of policy during the different stages of their lives.

A life insurance policy offers you more benefits when you take it at the age of 40 as compared to when you take at the age of 25.

A 20-year life insurance policy that you take when you’re 25 years old would greatly help you during some days when you have financial needs when you are 45 years old, such as the higher education of your child. However, the same policy may not be very helpful to you when you are in your 60s if you take it when you are 40 years old.

The following is an analysis of the best time for you to take life insurance…

6 Steps to Create Your Self-Development Blueprint

​​What is a self-development blueprint?

It’s simply a game plan or a blueprint for improving your life and yourself.

We’re constantly growing and learning. It helps to make a plan. Learning is much more effective when it’s strategic.

Are you reading books, listening to audio and watching videos? Most of us are.

Are they getting you closer to your goals? Let’s start working on your game plan…

Credit Sesame Review – Why I Made the Switch From Credit Karma

​What is Credit Sesame?

Sure, they are a credit monitoring service, like Credit Karma and many others​, but that’s not all.

They offer more than the other credit monitoring services I’ve seen, while still keeping it free.

What do they offer, you ask? A free credit score, free credit monitoring and free identity theft protection.

Free identity theft protection? That’s right! And they actually offer even more than that.

Let me give you a quick breakdown, then I’ll let you go try it out. After all, it is free…

The Ultimate Quick-Guide to Budgeting Tools

If you’re looking for budgeting tools, look no further.

I’ve compiled an all-inclusive list of every high-quality budgeting tool I could find and put them all together here.

I’ve even included the price (if there is one), the format(s) available and a brief description of each. I’ll start with my favorites and then move on to the rest.

Let’s jump right in and see what our options are…

How Does Debt Settlement Affect My Credit Score?

Your credit score can tremendously impact your day-to-day life.

For Example, your credit score can affect everything from obtaining a mortgage to getting a new job. This is something that most people know. But what everyone doesn’t know is how exactly your score is calculated.

The reason that this isn’t common knowledge is because the credit bureaus do not tell you exactly how they calculate your score.

Even though we do not know the exact equations used, we do know what factors can have a tremendous impact on your credit score. For example, settling your debt can impact your credit score.

Let’s see exactly how debt settlement affects your credit score…

How to Effectively Measure Progress on Your Goals

Small progress over time leads to huge results.

Gradual increase + persistence = new habits. It’s that simple.

Small habits might not seem life-changing at first, but when you look back, you will see something amazing.

You will see huge progress compounding over time.

That’s exactly how you measure your goals. Looking backwards.

The past gives us all the information we need and it tells us what we need to change.

Let’s look at how to effectively measure goals and see our progress…

Personal Capital Review – The Ultimate Free Tool for Budgeting and Investing

There are many ways to get all your accounts in one place.

There are also ways to automate your budget. comes to mind.

Your bank may even offer online banking that budgets for you and allows you to add outside accounts to your dashboard.

That’s all great. I love automation. But I’ve found the cream of the crop.

All your accounts in one place? Check. An effective automatic budgeting system? Check. And that’s not all they do.

Personal Capital is great for budgeting, but it’s really great for investing!

Let me show you what sets Personal Capital apart from the rest…

​My Biggest Money Mistakes (That I’m Glad I Made) – Part 1: Network Marketing

I have made some huge money mistakes.

I want to tell you about them, in hopes that you won’t make the same ones.

Mistakes are a great teacher. It’s always best to learn from someone else’s mistake if possible, but there is value in our own mistakes.

That is, if we do actually learn from them.

In this series, I’m going to go through my biggest mistakes. They are big enough to be separated into different parts, which is…kind of sad.

This is my experience with network marketing. (which obviously wasn’t too great, since it’s on my biggest mistakes list)

I’ll explain what happened, why it happened and what you can learn from it…

The Wrong Time to Invest

Do you ever feel pressured by time and end up making a hasty decision that you later regret?

Chess Grandmaster Garry Kasparov taught, “Always keep ten extra minutes on the clock, or you will end up making rushed decisions.”

High level chess games are always timed.

Having time pressure keeps the pace of the game moving and forces players to make a decision.

How to Increase Your Entire Family’s Productivity

Have you ever read an article on productivity and thought it would be great for someone without a family, but with a family, you couldn’t really implement most of it?

I’ve been married for almost 9 years. My wife and I have 4 kids. I’ve been there before.

I’m always looking for ways to increase my productivity, but I admit, it’s not very motivating to read an article about having a 3 hour long morning routine.

Don’t get me wrong, that sounds awesome! And I would love to that, but unfortunately, I work, spend time with my family, exercise and, oh yeah…sleep (when I’m free to do so).

I don’t have 3 hours for a morning routine and as much as I would like to, it’s just not going to happen right now.

That doesn’t mean we can’t be productive. I’m very productive and so is my family.

I have found some things that work. It’s possible to be productive, even with a big family.

Let me share what has worked for me…

The Slight Edge and How it Can Make You Rich

Have you ever heard of The Slight Edge?

It’s a book, but more importantly, it’s a concept. A very successful concept, I might add.

I’m not going to take all day to explain what it is…

The Slight Edge is the idea of making small changes and small progress over a long period of time, which leads to extraordinary results.

Now, there’s more to it than that, but that’s the “nutshell” explanation.

Let me explain exactly how it works, how it’s applied and how it can make you rich…

Purchasing a House With a Friend: 5 Things You Should Consider

If you want to own a home but just can’t seem to get the capital together for a down payment, don’t have the income to carry payments or don’t have the credit history to get the loan, you might consider purchasing it with a friend.

Two incomes are certainly better than one, and you’ll probably have a better chance if you have another strong candidate applying with you.

People buy houses with friends all the time, and while there is nothing inherently bad about it, you should consider a few things before taking the plunge.

9 Things to Make This Your Most Productive Week Ever

I came across 9 thing to make this your most productive week ever.

Who wouldn’t want to make this week the most productive week ever?

Doesn’t that just sound awesome? It’s actionable. It’s applicable.

I wanted to make sure these ideas were all as effective as they sounded.

So I tried this entire list for several weeks and got some awesome results. I included a small note after each number to tell you exactly what I learned about each one.

At a bare minimum, you must try #8. This was an eye opener for me.

Now it’s something I add to my schedule every week…

101 Ways to Make Money From Home [Book Review]

When I see a book about making money, I’m tempted to buy it. Every time.

I’m always interested in finding ways to earn extra cash and I like to find new ideas to write about.

I’m even more of a sucker for books about making money from home.

Who doesn’t want to know more ways to earn money sitting in their pajamas, instead of commuting for hours a day?

I’ll be honest, I’ve read some terrible books about working from home. In fact, it seems like most of the books I’ve read about working at home were exactly that…terrible.

I’ve seen tips like “start a business” or “create a website”. Wow, that’s a great idea, except they didn’t explain how to do either one or where to find more information about getting started. It’s way too generic and broad.

Finally, I’ve found a breath of fresh air in a sea of money-making mysteries. In other words, I’ve found a darn good book about earning money from home…

Before You Work More, Do This: 18 Simple Ways to Cut Expenses

You may think the key to having more money is earning more money.

But ​before you get a 2nd job, you should look at your expenses.

​What can you cut? What can you eliminate?

In America, we are famous for labeling our “wants” as “needs”.

​So, which areas should you be cutting back on?

To start, here are some ideas to save on communication, food, utilities and insurance…​

How IT Cloning Can Make You a Billionaire [Infographic]

Cloning simply means to create duplicate of anything.

The term IT Cloning was derived from the biology term “cloning” where clone of any animal can be created using any particle of the animal.

But IT cloning refers to the duplicity of any website or application in terms of its design and functionality.

Clone websites don’t use the code of the original one. Developers design it from scratch using their own code.

IT cloning has become very common and it can be seen in our daily life, with companies like Airbnb & Wimdu, Flipkart & Snapdeal, Alibaba & Amazon, Snapchat & Bolt, Whatsapp & Telegram etc…

Now the question is “How are clone websites more benefited than original websites?”

I think a real life success story can explain it in a better way…

MoneyMiniRoundup: The Best in Money and Productivity for October, 2014

​October has been a huge month for MoneyMiniBlog.

I’m sure hoping you’ve noticed the fresh new look.

The re-designing process was a lot of work, but it was worth it.

I’ve been doing more than just working on this new design.

I’ve been writing a new book, creating even more great content on money and productivity and, most importantly for this article, I’ve been reading articles from all over the web.

Allow me to wrap up October’s best articles on money and productivity and put them together for you in a nice little package…