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Understanding Life Insurance: Your Options and What’s Best for You

Let’s get this out of the way: it’s only called life insurance to make you feel better. It’s death insurance, folks.

Now that we understand what it’s actually for, what exactly does it do?

And who needs life insurance anyways? Just employees? Stay-at-home spouses? Children?

Let’s go over everyone who may need it, and those unique situations.

Money and Productivity: Weekend Reading

Some people ask me why I write about money and productivity, instead of simply picking one.

I usually respond by saying “it’s easier to write about both than one or the other.”

The line between money and productivity is thin — sometimes nonexistent.

You won’t usually see a whole lot of one without the other.

So I’ve stopped separating them in the weekly reads.

Here’s this week in money and productivity.

How Benjamin Franklin’s 13 Virtues Can Make You More Productive

Benjamin Franklin was widely known for his practices and habits…specifically: his virtues.

He was a lifehacker before it was cool.

He believed in living a fulfilling and productive life, which is what brought him to these 13 virtues.

I’ll go over each one and show you how to apply them to your life to increase your productivity.

5 Reasons Most Entrepreneurs Never Turn a Profit

The facts are in: most entrepreneurs never make as much income operating their own business than they did as an employee working for someone else. This may shock you because we see entrepreneurs on television, featured in magazines, and we constantly hear stories of massive success. It turns out, however, that these stories of massive entrepreneurial success are the exception and not the rule. There are five important reasons why most entrepreneurs never turn a profit and why entrepreneurs fail.

Understanding Mortgages: Buying, Renting and Paying Off Your Home

“Renting is throwing your money away.”

“Buying ties you down and locks up money that could’ve been invested.”

“When you buy a home, pay it off as fast as possible.”

“If you do buy, don’t pay off your home early. It’s better to invest the money.”

These are just a few of the ideas floating around the web. It makes the choices so easy, doesn’t it?

These are difficult topics that require slightly complex (but not scary-complex) answers.

Let’s dive in to theses topics, and decide what’s best for you.

How to Change Every Part of Your Life With Tiny Habits

I’ve always promoted the idea of starting small when creating new habits.

We all know that we can’t start a new workout routine by running 10 miles a day. That’s obvious. But even if you aren’t starting that big, you may be starting too big.

It’s usually not starting way too big that messes us up, it starting just a little bigger than we should have. Just big enough to stop the habit after a few days, weeks or months.

This is where tiny habits come in.

Bj Fogg, PhD, has started a habit revolution with tiny habits. And people are accomplishing amazing things by implementing them.

I’m going to show you how they work and how you can start implementing tiny habits today. Right now, actually…

5 Things You Need to Do When You Get a Raise

I got a new job and my income went up 38% several years ago. The increased payday felt huge, because nothing about my life setup really changed. I didn’t move into a fancy apartment or buy a new car.

But something subtle did change psychologically for me. I felt like I had more money so I spent a little bit more at restaurants and a little bit more on clothes. I figured I had a little extra money, might as well enjoy it.

When the credit card bill came, I found that my expenses increased right along with my income. Getting a raise was great, but it was so easy to spend the extra money. I hadn’t paid down student loan debt, saved any money, nor invested – all the things I’d imagined doing with the extra income.

The Sabbatical is Over: Welcome to MoneyMiniBlog 3.0

It’s about time! My sabbatical has finally come to a close, and I must admit that I’ve been getting anxious.

Anxious to talk to you guys! Anxious to publish articles.

It was a much needed break, but I’m glad to be back.

If you haven’t noticed, one of my main focuses was this re-design. I hope you like it!

I’m going to tell you about all the new stuff, and this article will also serve as a guide to help you better navigate this website to find what you’re looking for.

How to Win New Customers at Your Next Exhibition

Marketing at an exhibition can bring new challenges. You will be promoting your business at an event which is attended almost solely by your target market, but you’ll be competing to win them over. It’s important to remember your competitors will be facing the same challenge and will be taking it seriously. Have you thought about how to make sure your potential customers choose you over your competitors?

Why Starting an Online E-commerce Store Could Help Improve Your Finances

With more and more people using the internet and mobile devices to shop for items, entrepreneurs are increasingly seeing the large potential in opening up an online e-commerce store. With people shopping online for everything from groceries and new clothes to holidays and technology, it makes sense to try and make a living from the online shopping boom that doesn’t seem set to slow down any time in the near future. If you’ve been struggling financially and want to do something about it, starting an e-commerce store could be a rewarding venture.

No Credit Card? No Problem!

Few things strike fear into the heart of savvy consumers quite like the words “major purchase.” The phrase immediately fills their minds with images of unending payoff plans, piled-up interest, and hair-trigger late fees. It’s more than enough to scare some people away from buying things that they really need.

Of course, much of this concern is rooted in the incorrect assumption that every major purchase has to go on a credit card. The fact is that there are lots of ways to cover the cost. Here’s a quick list of ideas to keep the major purchase from being a major pain:

The Best Loan Options for a Bad Credit Rating

If you have recently had an application for credit turned down you might be feeling a sense of hopelessness. Being rejected for credit can be a major blow if you were planning to replace a car, take a holiday or make some home improvements. If you are already struggling to keep up with other credit commitments because of high interest rates and wanted to consolidate these debts, a rejection for a consolidation loan can feel like a major setback.

How to Choose a Credit Counselor If You Need One

Living under the burden of debts is not exactly the life any individual wishes for. Day in and day out you have to toil hard and meet your ends as well as get out of debt. This kind of life can invite severe repercussions financially, physically as well as psychologically. So it is imperative that you might consider a credit counseling firm. In this article, we shall be illustrating the basic definition and purpose of credit counseling as well as put light on the process itself.

Are All Loans Created Equal?

In need of a financial boost? Or maybe you’re looking to purchase a big ticket item but don’t have the cash upfront? Whatever the case is, obtaining a personal loan can be a great way to resolve the issue. Personal loans can range in size from a few hundred dollars to several thousand and can assist you in making big purchases, getting out of debt, or paying down some bills. Though it is a great way to temporarily finance your needs or wants, it is important to do your due diligence.

Top 6 Ways to Save Money for a Down-Payment

Four bedrooms with a large backyard and a white picket fence.

For most people, this is an American dream that they cannot wait to attain.

But turning that dream of homeownership into a reality can take a lot of grit and determination in this day and age. Considering that a traditional mortgage requires a 20 percent down-payment and that the average price for a single-family home sold in 2014 was $345,800 according to the US Census Bureau, you would have find a way to save a whopping $69,160 (not to mention additional closing costs) before you would be able to sign on the dotted line.

So how is it that 437,000 people were able to do that?

We at Modernize have a few tips to help you reach your goal without having to give up everything.

How To Be A Savvier Saver

Saving is something we all know we should do but is far easier said than done. It seems simple, save a little each month for a rainy day but far too often our month outlasts our money and there is not much to put aside. It is always tough to break your bad spending habits and be more ‘sensible’ with your hard earned money but here are some tips that will help you make the change.

5 Ways of Showing Investors and Clients You Mean Business

When starting your own business, it can sometimes feel as if the odds are stacked against you. It is important to stay proactive if you want to get anywhere with your business, whether you are selling a product, offering a service or providing some other level assistance to your client base. Taking a step back, when starting a business, is not what you want to do in order to get anywhere. You need to tackle things head on. One major ‘goal’ you should hope to achieve is to solidify the nature and the value of your business in the eyes of your investors and your intended clientele.

So what can be done to make sure that they know you mean business and you mean to create a successful business from the get go? Read on for our 5 top tips on showing your investors your stance on getting your business off the ground.

Insurance for DUI: How to Help Your Agent See You’ve Grown

If you’ve had the unfortunate experience of a DUI conviction, you might be wondering if there’s anything you can do to lessen the impact it has on your auto insurance rates. There are some steps that you can take if you’d like to make an honest attempt to appeal to your insurance agent, but first, it’s important to educate yourself on the reality and magnitude of the situation you are in.

How to Lower Car Insurance Rates for Young Drivers

The importance of insurance for young drivers cannot be stressed enough. However, automotive insurance companies are not very keen on insuring young drivers because they do not wish to take on the high level of risk associated with them. If we look at past insurance trends, we find that young drivers tend to make up the biggest chunk of claims. They tend to get into accidents more often than old or experienced drivers as a result of over-speeding and reckless driving. This explains the reluctance of insurance agencies towards covering young drivers.

However, since automotive insurance is extremely important, it is not wise for young drivers to stay uninsured. Young drivers are typically charged very high premium rates, but there are certain ways that this cost could be brought down.

How to Sell an Occupied Rental Property

The best way to sell a rental property is to let the lease expire and put a vacant home on the market. This option avoids many potential difficulties, but is not ideal from a financial standpoint, since an empty rental brings no income and still has expenses.

Whether your renters are difficult or dream tenants, if they are under a lease when you are ready to sell your property, it poses a few challenges. That said, it’s not anything that can’t be overcome with some effort and know-how.

5 of the Most Expensive Cities to Live In

If you were always and continuously nagging and saying that living in your town costs way too much, take your time readings this article. We are, together with our new fellows from Travel Ticker, present you a list of the world’s most expensive cities. Some of them might surprise, some of them not, but all of them are going to help you rethinking the way you are living for sure. Are you ready?

How to Check Your Home Loan Eligibility

Are you tired of paying rent and listening to the demands of a stubborn landlord? How about buying your own house?

Living in their own house is what most people look forward to from an early age. However, buying a place with only your savings may not be the safest bet. You could end up with too little money to finance your other requirements.

That’s where home loans can rescue you. You can borrow the required amount from a financial institution and pay it off in EMIs over a fixed tenure.

Before applying home loan it is important to look at the eligibility criteria in order to know if you qualify for a loan. Here is a list of the most significant factors that banks take into consideration when giving out home loans.

7 Crucial Money Lessons Every Parent Must Teach Their Child

Money regrets – we all have some. We’ve all made financial decisions we would ‘undo’ given half a chance. It might be the under-performing property we wished we’d passed on or that great property we wish we had really chased.

Given how important financial skills are to navigating life, and the fact that schools don’t teach children about money, as a parent here’s a few important financial lessons you can teach your child as he or she grows up:

What Does an Average Person’s Wallet Look Like in 2016?

There are many different types of wallets in today’s world. We are seeing a move towards less actual physical items, including even an actual wallet, into a digital wallet. Like Apple & Android Pay, as well as, being able to load all your credit & debit cards onto one single card, the wallet is becoming more and more obsolete. However, until then, we can still see many nice leather wallets full of many traditional items, with the addition of newer items as well!

What You Should Know Before Posting Your Home on Airbnb

Airbnb is the personal accommodations website that’s taking the overnight guest industry by storm. If you’re considering posting your home or personal property on the website to make a supplementary income, you’re not alone. People across the world have taken note and put their homes up for grabs, but this route is not without its caveats and risks. Before you take the plunge, consider the risks and rewards that come along with this venture.

How Low Interest Rates Are Affecting Retirement Plans

Interest rates are plummeting again and this is bad news for those who want to live on a fixed income in retirement. Ten years ago the ten year treasury yield was above 5%. Today it sits at 1.7%, which is below the rate of inflation.

To Trust or Not to Trust Life Insurance

NOTE: This article is direct towards UK readers, so much of the information may not apply to US readers.

There are many good reasons to take out life assurance to ensure the financial security of your loved ones after your death. Most of these reasons centre around the provision of a lump sum that can be used by your surviving family for:

7 Tips for Taking Out a Personal Loan

Being rejected when you apply for a loan or other form of credit can be dispiriting experience. You may be asking yourself what you did wrong, what is suggesting that you are a credit risk or if there has been a mistake.

It’s worth remembering if you are in this situation that you are not automatically entitled to credit. Banks and other lenders only lend to people that they think represent a low risk on what is an investment on their part and are unlikely to accept applications for people they think are unlikely to repay the money they want to borrow. It’s a balancing act – they want to protect their money while, at the same time, increasing the profits they make from the interest charged on the loans that they do make.