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I started this blog to help people.

I love finances and becoming more productive, which is why I aggressively learn everything I can about each one.

Over the years, in an effort to monetize this blog, I starting including advertisements within the articles and in the sidebar. You may have noticed those ads disappearing lately. That’s because they are.

I’m killing the ads at MoneyMiniBlog. Here’s exactly why and how I’m replacing the income…

6 Reasons the Ads Need to Go

I’m not saying ads are bad, but for this blog, I’m done with them. Here’s why:

  1. Ads are a distraction. You came here to read articles about finance and productivity, not to be offered the latest and greatest car wax in some ugly advertisement.
  2. Ads just look tacky. Let’s be honest, they’ve gotten better, but ads are still pretty ugly. If I make them match my site, I feel like I’m being deceptive to get you to click on them accidentally. If they look different, then they make the site look bad. It’s a lose-lose situation.
  3. Ads display what they want. I have no control over what the ads display. Even “targeted” ads aren’t that great. Sure, you may occasionally see something you’re interested in, but more often the ads will be of no interest to you. If you see a link to something on here, I want you to be able to know it’s high quality.
  4. Ads cause you to leave. Not only will some people leave because they hate ads, but the entire idea of advertising is to make you leave my site. I would rather you stay and hangout for a while.
  5. Ads slow down the site. Regardless of which type of program or coding the ads run in, they bog down the site. The site will be much faster since I’ve killed the ads, which will create a better experience for you.
  6. Ads produce minimal income. It takes money to run this site, so I do need to earn money, but considering ads only return a few bucks for every thousand visitors, there are better ways to monetize.

How I’m Replacing the Income

I generally made a few hundred bucks a month from ads on this site (on a good month). I’ve found a great [and fun] way to easily replace that income. Without further ado, here’s the lucky candidate…

Enter: User Testing.

User Testing is a website that pays you to test websites and other things like games and apps.

It was an easy process to sign up and the tests are a blast! They give you a few tasks such as “find our operating hours” or “what is our phone number?” and you simply complete the task while your screen is being recorded. You think out loud the whole time so the website owner can get an idea of how people navigate their site.

After the test, you answer a couple questions and you’re done. It takes about 15-20 minutes to earn $10. Easy money, but best of all, the tests are fun. Once you get rated as a good tester, you’ll see even more tests pouring into your inbox.

If you’re interested, sign up for free here!

I was initially afraid that there wouldn’t be that many opportunities to test, but I was wrong. This is what I saw, in my inbox, within a few days after signing up, before I was even rated:

user testing amount of tests

You have to take a quick quiz (literally just a handful of questions) to figure out if you qualify to do the actual test, based on your demographics.

You’ll qualify for some and you won’t qualify for some, but there will be enough to earn some extra cash. If you don’t qualify you’ll simply see this screen:

user testing didnt qualify

It just takes a few second to figure out if you qualify. If you decide to try User Testing, be sure to answer the pre-quiz honestly to make sure you really are qualified for the test.

If you want to become a tester, you can sign up for free through this link. By signing up to make some extra cash, you’re also helping support this site. I get a small commission each time someone signs up through my website. This is a great way to earn money to keep this site online, without having to bombard you with ridiculous ads. I truly believe User Testing is worth your time to try it out.

What You Will Still See

I am removing the ads, but there are a few things you may still see.

  • Affiliate marketing – Affiliate ads aren’t like traditional advertising. I can control 100% of what an affiliate ad displays and it won’t make it on my website unless I fully stand behind the product/service. So you will still see products that I recommend or review and for some of those products (not all), I receive a small commission when you make a purchase. I feel like affiliate marketing is a win-win, because I can offer a great product or service that benefits you and I get a small cut if you buy.
  • Occasional ads in old articles – I’ve completely removed the ads from above the articles and in the sidebar; however, some of my older posts may still have a few ads randomly within the body of the post. I’ll work to remove them, but I wanted you to know you may see them so you didn’t think I was trying scam you. They will all be gone soon enough.  I promise.

How do you feel about advertising on websites?

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