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You may remember this article that we published.

It’s about things you should do in your 20s to be a millionaire in your 30s.

Whether you want to be a millionaire or not, those things will help you reach your goals.

So why am I talking about some random article? Because Vasilena from Happy People Online made me an Infographic for it! If you’re interested in having a great Infographic made at an affordable price, check out her website. Here’s an example of her work:

things to do in your 20s to be a millionaire in your 30s infographic

I also want to take a second to tell you about another resource that’s been taking a lot of my time. First Site Guide is a website full of all kinds of guides on building an online brand, so if you’re interesting in that, or if you already work online, check out their guides.

What You May Have Missed…

It was a list kind of week here, I guess. Here’s what I’ve found from around the web…



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