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MoneyMiniRoundup: The Best in Finances for April, 2014

MoneyMiniRoundup: The Best in Finances for April, 2014

Welcome to my 2nd link roundup.

This month I have been searching for the best and my favorite articles on finances.

There are 10 great articles here.

Take time to read through these articles.

You can learn a lot from them, but also be sure to check out the rest of the site when you read an article.

These are all great blogs…

The Best in Finances

2014 Financial Literacy Awareness Carnival
@The Heavy Purse
This is actually the 2nd annual Financial Literacy Awareness Carnival. It’s a collection of blogger stories about their biggest a-ha moments with money. There are some great articles in this list.

Sometime You Gotta Spend Money to Make Money
@Budgets Are Sexy
The title says it all. Another great article with some great info, while also entertaining to read. Don’t forget to checkout Rockstar Finance for more great finance articles.

Investment Property for Financial Independence
@No Nonsense Landlord
I am a big fan of investment property. For your personal home, sometimes it makes sense to rent, but buying investment property is always a good idea…assuming you can afford it.

My Formative Money Moments
@The Broke and the Beautiful
This is part of Financial Literacy month, but it was one of my favorites, so I’ll add it to this list separately.

6 Things That Are Cheaper on Amazon Prime Than at Walmart
@Eyes on the Dollar
I am an Amazon fan. My wife and I shop for almost everything on Amazon. These are a few specific things that you may not think about buying online.

Spring Cleaning Checklist – Organizing My Finances
I love organization. When you think of spring cleaning, you may just think about cleaning your house, but this is a great checklist for applying spring cleaning to your finances too.

3 Ways to Stay Motivated When You Don’t Want to Hustle
@Young Adult Money
Obviously I have a side hustle. You’re on it. This article was great for keeping me on track. It’s important to stay motivated with any side hustle. Sometimes they take time to build.

How Much House is Affordable?
@Money Counselor
This article goes great with the buying/renting articles I have been publishing. If you decide to buy, read this article first.

Do You Save for the Things You Want?
@Practical Cents
I am a big fan of saving for everything, especially large purchases. Such as cars, perhaps? This is a great article about saving.

How We’re Paying Off Debt on a Low Income
@A Disease Called Debt
Great story about, as the title says, how they are paying off debt on a low income. Everyone can pay off their debt, if they want to badly enough.

I hope you enjoyed these articles!

Post more great articles on finances that you have read this month in the comments!


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  1. Thanks for the great words about my site! I have addeed you as one of my favorite blogs too.

    • You’re welcome!

      Thanks so much for adding me! I appreciate it. I am working on a blogroll right now that I will be adding to the site soon. You will be on there for sure!

    • Hey DC,

      You’re welcome! It came at the right time. Good stuff!

  2. Thanks for including me. I hope your weekend was great.

    • Hey Kim,

      You’re welcome. Thanks for writing great stuff! I hope your weekend was great as well! :)

  3. Thank you so much man, appreciate the support!

    • Hey J,

      Absolutely. I pretty much read BAS everyday.

    • Hey Stefanie,

      You’re welcome! Keep it up!

  4. Thanks for the mention Kalen. Glad you found the article on housing affordability worthwhile.

    • Hey Kurt,

      You’re welcome! It’s an important subject. Plus, I have been hitting on home ownership a lot lately.


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