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Financial Freedom on A Full Schedule
This is a comprehensive mini book written by Kalen Bruce, the founder of MoneyMiniBlog.  It goes into the foundations of your finances, and how to increase your financial IQ, while being “busy”, because everyone is busy.
The Complete Guide to Your Most Productive Morning Ever
This is a detailed guide, also written by Kalen Bruce.  It will give you a blueprint of how to create your own most productive morning.  It covers how to wake up earlier, some of the best practices for success in the mornings, and what to add to your morning ritual to live your most productive life.
Think and Grow Rich
This is a classic, written by Napoleon Hill.  He goes into the complete mindset you need to become as rich as you want to be.  This isn’t the typical “get rich quick” book, it’s more about the actual ideas and mindset you need to become rich over the course of your life.
The Science of Getting Rich
Another classic, written by Wallace Wattles.  This is a quick read, but the content is extremely valuable.  This is another must-read for anyone who wants a high financial IQ.
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