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The Power of “Two Days in a Row”

The Power of “Two Days in a Row”

I'm going to share a simple philosophy with you today. But the impact it will have on your life is HUGE, if you apply it. Take two minutes to read about it and start applying it right now.
The 2 Main Ideas From “The Little Book That Beats the Market”

The 2 Main Ideas From “The Little Book That Beats the Market”

The Little Book That Beats the Market is a classic book on investing in the stock market. Author Joel Greenblatt gives an innovative method for choosing stocks. It's pretty impressive, honestly. Here are his main ideas, and the "magical formula" he uses. He actually refers to it as "the magic formula," and it just may be.
Don’t Waste the Little Minutes

Don’t Waste the Little Minutes

You're going to love this. Why? Because it's easy, and it works. Two of my favorite things. So what are "the little minutes" anyways? They're the few minutes here and there that you forget you have, and you never account for. Because of that, these are the minutes you end up wasting. Not just you, it happens to all of us, but here's the good news: you can stop wasting the little minutes! I'm going to give you five steps to help you take full advantage of the little minutes.
25 Productivity Blogs You Need in Your Life (And Their Best Posts)

25 Productivity Blogs You Need in Your Life (And Their Best Posts)

Why 25 blogs? Why not 10? Or less? Isn't 25 way too many? No, it's not. Am I really supposed to subscribe to 25 different blogs? Well, the short answer is yes. I guess the long answer is also yes, and here's why: subscribing to a website is meant to be a way for you to see an email, briefly decide whether you want to open it, and either read it or delete it. The entire point of subscribing is to separate what you do and don't want to read. So I am subscribed to all of these blogs, but that doesn't mean I read every post. These are 25 extremely valuable productivity blogs that I highly recommend. It took me weeks to compile and write this list. A lot of thought went into it, so carefully consider each individual blog.
25 Personal Finance Blogs You Need in Your Life (And Their Best Posts)

25 Personal Finance Blogs You Need in Your Life (And Their Best Posts)

If there is one thing I know, it's personal finance blogs. I've been in this arena for a while, and I've met some amazing bloggers. I could easily list the top 100 personal finance blogs, and that would probably be easier. Honestly, with the links at the end of this post, I will list hundreds of blogs, but I wanted to narrow it down to 25 blogs you may not know about, but should be reading. These are 25 blogs you should at least be subscribed to. I know each one of these blogs (and most of these bloggers) well, so I'm going to give you a brief summary on each blog, as well as their focus. And no, I'm not getting paid to include any of these. This is a list that has taken weeks to put together, by carefully considering hundreds of blogs. And I kind of cheated...I put them in alphabetical order so that I didn't have to rank them!

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How to Get Ready for Tax Time

How to Get Ready for Tax Time

It is officially that time again: the fourth quarter. This is also known as the most wonderful “everybody panic because they just realized that they are going to have to do their taxes soon” time of the year. Here is a truth that nobody wants to ever admit: if you’re diligent about tracking your details throughout the year, tax time isn’t all that big a deal.
Money and Productivity: Weekend Reading

Money and Productivity: Weekend Reading

I've got some great reads for you this week. I've also got some great deals for you. If you're the kind of person who always looks for a promo code before checking out online (and you should be -- it takes 60 seconds), then check out the codes from, below.
A Brief Guide to Quitting Bad Habits

A Brief Guide to Quitting Bad Habits

There aren’t many of us who don’t have some bad habit we’d like to quit: smoking, sweets, shopping, nail-biting, porn, excessive checking of phones or social media, other distractions … We don’t think we can quit, so we don’t even try. Or if we do try, we give ourselves an “out,” and don’t fully commit ourselves. It’s hard, but doable — if you put your entire being into it. Here’s a short guide to doing just that.
How to Successfully Start a Massage Therapy Business

How to Successfully Start a Massage Therapy Business

If you’re looking for a unique way to make money, consider starting your own massage therapy business. If you dislike a desk job and consider most corporate jobs dull and uninspiring, this is for you. This is how to make your massage therapy business a success.
A Bill-by-Bill Guide to Saving Money on Monthly Expenses

A Bill-by-Bill Guide to Saving Money on Monthly Expenses

Heat, water, electric and other utilities are all necessities, but that doesn’t mean you need to pay high prices for them. There are a few things you can do to reduce the amount of money you’re spending on your bills. Whether you're living paycheck-to-paycheck (hopefully not!) or living comfortably, you still want to save money. To help you lower your monthly costs, we’ve compiled a bill-by-bill guide, complete with tips on what you can do to put more money in your pocket.

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My name is Kalen and I write short, simple articles on money and productivity. I’m a finance nerd and a productivity junkie. I’ve been told I defy millennial laws by being happily married, having four children and no debt. If you’re ready to take control of your money, become insanely productive and create positive habits, you’re in the right place.

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Understanding Life Series

Consumerism has turned into an addiction.

As a society, we are addicted to consumption. We consume products, food, things…at an alarming rate.

I’m starting this “Understanding Series” with consumerism for a reason. I’m going to go in-depth with every area of your finances throughout this series, but it all starts right here.

Understand Consumerism
You’ve heard both extremes: “debt is a tool” and “debt is pure evil”.

I’m not that extreme, but I do lean towards the second option.

Debt can be used for leverage, but I’m going to make an argument for eliminating it and living with out. I’ll show you how to do that.

Understand Debt
Retirement is always an interesting topic.

It may be so far in the future that you haven’t really thought about it, it could be closer than you care to admit, or you could technically be retired right now.

It doesn’t matter how old or young you are. The fact is, you need to start thinking about retirement now. Today.

Understand Retirement
There are many questions surrounding mortgages.

To rent or to buy? Should you pay off you mortgage early or invest the money?

What if you could make both work for a superior option? Maybe you can.

Understand Mortgages
Let’s get this out of the way: it’s only called life insurance to make you feel better. It’s death insurance, folks.

Now that we understand what it’s actually for, what exactly does it do?

And who needs life insurance anyways? Just employees? Stay-at-home spouses? Children?

Understand Life Insurance
There are around 1,000,000 bankruptcies every year in the US.

Obviously, it’s a problem. A problem that can be avoided, but if you’re past the avoiding stage, it may be your best option.

Let’s dive in and discuss the different types of bankruptcy, when to file, when not to file, and the effects of filing.

Understand Bankruptcy

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