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5 Tips to Help You Start Your Emergency Fund

“How to Save” articles always include the tip “Build an emergency fund,” and for good reason. As its name implies, an emergency fund tides you over during unexpected events – like fires, accidents and sudden deaths in the family.

Essentially, it’s your last line of defense finance-wise, in case you end up in a situation where you have no other sources of cash.

That’s why it’s important you know how to build an emergency fund from the get-go. For that, here are some guidelines you can follow…

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How Much Sleep Do You Need? It’s Probably Not 8 Hours

There’s plenty of information out there on sleep. It’s an exhausted topic (pun intended).

There are countless debates over how much sleep you really need; we all remember the timeless advice that you must get in your 8 hours.

Well first off that’s probably not how much you need. So how much?

We’ll get there, but let’s start by looking at how the 8 hour figure came to be…

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The Psychology of Stock Investing

Being successful in the stock trade is not as difficult as it may seem, but then why are some people more successful than others? The simple answer is being human.

Professionals in the industry claim that success is more about acknowledging and overcoming your psychological weaknesses as a buyer. People tend to rationalize their irrational purchases and go with the flow without realizing they poured their money down the drain.

To deal with the right side of their brain, investors should follow a proven strategy that has made others rich…

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Choice-Minimal Lifestyle: How to Focus Your Time on What Matters

We are always trading our time for something. Everything we do is a trade-off.

If you want to be happy, accomplish your goals and live a fulfilled life, you’ll have to stop focusing on what doesn’t matter and start focusing on what does.

How do you do that? You’ve got to take your time back. Start by spending less time on these 5 things…

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Big News: 5 Reasons That Prove I’ve Found the Best Web Hosting Company (Hint: It’s Not BlueHost)

After months of research, I’ve finally decided to switch MoneyMiniBlog to a new web hosting company.

I was so excited about this company that I had to share how awesome they’ve been.

Whether you’re looking for a web host, already with a web host or even if you don’t have a website yet, you need to see why this company is the best. This is an important change for MoneyMiniBlog. Not only will this site load faster and be more secure, but you won’t ever have to worry about it being down when you visit.

If you have a site or ever plan to have a site, you can save yourself the research and take advantage of all the work I’ve put in to finding the best web host. Here are all the details…

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5 Simple Ways to Save Money When You’re a Student

More often than not, college students are constantly facing shortage of money even if they have managed to acquire a student loan. While the funding may appear to be enough when you get it at the beginning of the term, it is not long before you realize that you will need to seriously budget to last it throughout. This is the hard part; budgeting, to make sure that you do not run out of money before you receive your next funding. However, it is not so difficult that you would term it impossible. I would like to list down a couple of saving tips for you college students.

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How to Find That Next Big Sleeper Stock for Your Portfolio

If you have been active and following the markets through the first quarter in 2015, you will no doubt have heard of the amazing run in the biotechnology sector. The stocks that compose the biotech sector have had some of the hottest win streaks seen all year, with some being many hundred percent winners.

It’s easy to get caught up in the hype and feel the need to chase some of these monster movers, but as a trader, I prefer to dig down into the details and find the next big opportunity that I can ride for a monster win. The smarter play here is to recognize the opportunities before they become known to everyone else…

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8 CEOs Who Made Their Fortune Before They Were 30 [Infographic]

It may seem unrealistic to think about becoming a multi-millionaire before your 30th birthday, but think about all the people who did it. It’s not some crazy story about a guy working hard for 10 years on one project before it finally took off.

These are stories like David Karp, who started Tumbler and had close to 100,000 users within a couple weeks. He then sold it for a few million a year after he started the website, while he was still living at home with mommy. I think he could probably afford to move out after that.

Or what about Michelle Phan, who has the ultimate blogger success story and now she’s worth a few million.

I’m not saying it’s easy, but it is possible…

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How Changes to Worker’s Compensation Laws May Affect Your Injury Claim

Workman’s compensation is designed to provide lost wages and medical care to workers who’ve been injured on the job. Unfortunately, the current system is bureaucratic, and favors corporations over people. Because of laws passed in 2012, which were designed to make the process easier for employers and victims, there are now apparent loopholes, and many unscrupulous employers are exploiting them to their benefit.

In lieu of suing employers, workers are eligible to receive workman’s comp benefits for as long as they’re in need of medical care. Once they’re able to return to work, the benefits expire. In its glory days, workman’s comp was a functional program that helped everyone involved. Today, it’s a bit of a mess…

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