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Everything You Need to Know Before You Start Paying Off Your Home Early (Part 1)

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“I’m in debt. I am a true American.” -Balki Bartokomous

It’s true. Just about every person in American (and much of the world) is in debt.

We are so used to it that we even consider ourselves to be debt-free when we still have a mortgage.

You know how it goes…

“Yeah, I’m debt-free…well, except for my house.”

If you have a mortgage you are not debt-free.

But you can be…

There is a lot to know before you start paying off your home early…

What Causes the Price of a Stock to Rise or Fall?

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Have you ever consistently watched the price of a stock?

You probably noticed that the price changed everyday.

It may have went up one day, down the next and back up the following day.

That’s typical for any stock.

But what causes a stock price to change so often?

It’s simple, all kinds of things…

It is Dumb to Pay Your Mortgage Off Early?

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Last week, we compared renting to buying.

I am about to start an entire series on how to pay your mortgage off quicker than you ever thought possible.

This series is for those of you who decided to buy.

But, before we start an entire series on paying a mortgage off quickly, we need to ask ourselves a very important question:

Should we pay our mortgage off early?

Some people believe paying off your mortgage early is dumb. Let’s see why they think that…

What is a 529?

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Do you save for your children’s education?

Or do you plan to start?

If you think it’s important to help your child with college expenses, you are in luck, because you have some options.

One of the most common ways to save for education is through a 529 plan.

A 529 is like an IRA for education.

Let’s see how a 529 can help you…

Should You Buy or Rent Your Home? Part 2: Weighing the Pros and Cons

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Welcome to part 2 as we are asking the question:

Should you buy or rent your home?

In part 1, we covered the usual home buying story.

We also covered what do to when the answer is obvious and some of what to do when the answer is not obvious.

Let’s dive deeper into what to do when the answer is not obvious.

We are going a little further into the actual pros and cons of each side and taking a closer look at the buying vs. renting debate.

Let’s see what makes the most sense for you…

Why Creatives Should Invest – My Interview at Launching Creative [Podcast]

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Launching Creative has set out to teach “creatives” to become business savvy creative professionals.

They refer to themselves as “the Anti-Starving Artists” and they are reaching out to the world to help other artists become anti-starving artists.

This podcast is my discussion with Nik Parks (co-founder of Launching Creative).

You can listen to the podcast below for the full interview.

I will cover several different topics in this interview, including…

College Education: Is the Debt Worth It? [Infographic]

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I just published an awesome guest post, which was an inspiring story about working full-time while paying for college.

I think it’s only appropriate that I follow it up with an awesome infographic about the debt of college.

If you are considering college, you will most likely incur some degree (no pun intended) of debt.

This is the question we face: Is the degree worth the debt?

It’s a black and white answer. The answer is yes.

Well…sometimes it’s yes…other times it may be no.

Did I say black and white? What I meant was…

How I Successfully Juggled Full-Time Work and Grad School – Part 2

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The following is part 2 of a unique 2-part guest post by K.D. Swineford. This is a great story about being able to get a higher education, while working a full-time job! See more about the author at the end.

This is part 2. Read part 1 here.

The early bird gets the worm. It’s not the most original statement, but it certainly worked for me. Setting a routine was crucial in staying productive.

I had the option of flexible work hours Monday through Friday, so I went in to work at 6:00 AM every morning and worked until 2:30 or 4:00 PM each day. Getting started early every day guaranteed that I would at least get out of the office before rush hour.

I would then commit at least two hours each evening to school work during the week. Saturdays I treated as another work day, got up early and worked on school work for most of the morning. If I was super productive, that meant I was done for the week on Saturday afternoon and I always tried to reserve Sunday for family and to do something fun.

In total, I spent…

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